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Act Now to Become a Writer

Lesson 1 - ACT

Nothing happens until something happens. My dream for years was to be a writer. I thought about writing and even wrote about writing in my journal. That was as close as I came to writing. And then something happened.

I picked up the local paper and saw that they were having a contest for a community columnist. It would only be one column per month, but I would be in print if I won. I took the step and sent in an entry. I will never know if I was one of only five that entered the competition, but they chose five people to write a column each month and I was one of them.

I was a writer.

My dreams were great for passing the day, but that was about all they were good for on their own. I had to put some action behind the dream to begin living in the reality that I desired. One step started the journey, but to continue the journey I have to be willing to take a new step each time.

Act to Step into Being a Writer

    1. Write – you will never become a writer if you never write.
    2. Share – show others what you write. Words stuck in the drawer of your desk are no different than words never put down in the first place.
    3. Repeat – write, share, write, share and keep doing that until you get to where you want to go.

How are you acting?

The challenge for today is to write 250 words – no more. Explain why you want to be a writer or what motivates you or inspires you to write. Share what you write back on this site in the comment section or on your own blog. But do share!

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