Adding to Your Success as a Writer

It is easy to get into a groove (some might even say a rut). Steady work and a regular paycheck can be very tempting. But that same stability can drain you of the ability to expand your freelance career.

It can be difficult reaching out to new opportunities when you have filled your schedule with enough work to account for all of your work time. There are some things that can be done to expand your opportunities while still holding on to the paycheck.

    1. Work a few more hours. The goal of most freelance writers is to work less. That means for many of us there is time to do more – we just try not to. When looking to expand your pay scale or your experiences use the extra time in your day. Set aside a certain number of hours to send out queries and to work on NEW gigs only.

    2. For each job you do take in begin to release your lower paying jobs. The regular paycheck might be nice but it will be much nicer when you are making it for half the work time.

    3. Expect more pay for the work that you are doing. The one thing that I consistently see and hear from freelancers is that we underpay ourselves. Be reasonable but be BOLD. Ask for what you really want but be willing to negotiate to what you will take. Be sure to take the New Year as a chance to discuss a raise with existing clients as well.

    4. Create your own opportunities. There are more ways to get a paycheck than just writing articles for others. Monetize your own websites, start speaking to groups about writing, or even teach a class about creating a freelance career. It is amazing the number of people out there that are hungry to learn how to start writing for pay.

    5. Give it away. Share your knowledge and even your writing with others. Volunteer to write for someone else’s blog or to help a friend that needs to earn some money. The more that you give freely with a joyful heart then the more that it will come back to you.

    6. Keep your priorities straight. It is easy to get distracted with trying to create new opportunities or even helping others, but you can’t let that make you begin missing deadlines or dropping the ball altogether.

Adding to success comes with continuing to produce a quality product that others will be willing to pay to utilize. Keep the paycheck but be willing to push yourself by working more hours and asking for the pay that you deserve. You will find your way to the top of the field before you know it.

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  • Hi Kathryn –

    Hope you enjoyed Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I missed your posts. 🙂

    Thanks for the tips. You inspired me to add another goal to my already too long list. I need to query new markets and learn more about bringing in some freelance work.


    Susan 🙂

  • Hey Susan, I confess I really slipped up during the Holidays. I had good intentions I just didn’t follow through – any where! But that’s okay, I’ve picked myself up and am back on track.

    I’m glad that some of these ideas are inspiring you. Remember that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time which means you need to tackle one at a time!