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Adding Up the Positive Little Bits to Grow Up HOPE

Be invested in the positive little bits.

little signs of encouragement

The day started great, despite the 4000% humidity that had settled in the valley. My schedule clicked down like clockwork. I dropped my son off at Sports Camp ready to tackle my day alone.

I hadn’t had breakfast, so I made a stop at the local Hardee’s where the drive-thru ladies greeted me with warmth and sunshine – it was definitely an experience that equaled that of any Chik-fil-e drive-thru.

Good. Good. Good.


I should always be prepared when things are lining up on the good side of things. It’s almost as if the enemy sets up the good so that the bad will hurt that much more, especially if the bad wouldn’t have been all that bad if it had been alone.

The bang that hit me was simply a reader that didn’t like the content of what I had written. It’s not the first time it’s happened. It won’t be the last time it will happen. Everyone has different tastes and my writing is not a taste everyone appreciates.

It still hurt. Worse than hurting, it caught me off guard. Things were going so well that the little bad cut enough to make me want to stop.

As I was contemplating how to get out of the mess I imagined I had gotten in, my phone dinged to announce I had another email. The subject line told me it was on the same topic as the email that had ruined my day.

“This is the best one yet. Thanks for sharing,” the email stated.

And just like that, my day was back on track.

I smiled. I thanked. I moved forward into the rest of my day with hope.

And more good happened.

back in the right direction

It doesn’t take much to take us off focus when we are moving along at a consistent pace. A little bump can knock the whole cart out of whack.

On the flip side, a word of encouragement or a small sign of gratitude can be all it takes to get things moving back in the right direction.

The second email didn’t negate the first email, but it did help me see the first email in a different light.

If you are struggling in the moment, look for a little sign of encouragement.
If you see someone struggling, make the choice to be that little bit of encouragement.

Little bits add up, so make an investment in the positive little things.

Be blessed,
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