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Apply Your Heart to Learn and Grow Knowledge

When you apply your heart to learning then you grow up knowledge. When you grow knowledge, you make a way for understanding.

It starts when you apply your heart.

Proverbs 23:12

Apply your heart unto instruction, and your ears to the words of knowledge.

I am a know it all- just ask my children. I know where their shoes have hidden themselves. I know what we are having for dinner. I know what time everyone is supposed to be everywhere. I am a mom.

This is not the knowledge 2 Peter is pushing us towards. The knowledge from scripture is deeper. It’s the stirring you get when you hear or read scripture that penetrates all the way to your bones. It’s locking into an understanding of that scripture that gives you the ability to stand without wavering. It is beyond “knowing.”

Apply Your Heart to Learning

It is possible to know something and have no knowledge of it at the same time. Think of someone you just know – from church, school, even in your family. Pick someone with who you don’t get to spend much time. Now, what is their favorite color? What is their favorite food? What is the greatest moment to affect their lives? You may know them – but you have no knowledge of them.

Apply your heart to learning

Knowledge requires time – commitment – and consistency. To get the knowledge that scripture calls us to requires time in the word. By putting it into your ears and eyes, it becomes established in your heart. This is when knowing crosses over to knowledge and wisdom is formed for the path of your life.


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