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Stop Judging and Find the Better Way to Protest

You have the right to express your opinions, ideas, and thoughts. I have the right not to agree with you. Neither of these rights negates the other rights. It is just as important to understand what you are protesting so that you can put your opinions in the right context. It started with one man. […]

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Growing HOPE Podcast Wednesday

Are You Being Chased Down by God

Listen to the #GrowingHOPE podcast. Ponder the Quote of the Day. Growing HOPE – Being Chased Down by God with Special Guest Robin Luftig Being Chased Down God will track you down because He has a purpose for you. The father walked with his small son along the path by the lake. He allowed the […]

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Quote of the Day - Tuesday

Quote of the Day – Hope Makes Way

Growing HOPE Quote of the Day for September 19, 2017 “Hope always makes way for a new start.” – Kathryn Lang “There is never an expiration day on your new start.” The words challenged me to do something. The words dared me to take a step. The words reminded me that I can start new, […]

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