Avoiding the Come-Apart

We all face those days – or weeks or moments – when things are overwhelming and the top is about to blow. I’m there! There is just too much on my plate or too little support, I’m still trying to figure out which.

Instead of exploding all over the people that I love (although I’m not ruling out that option), I’m trying to come up with ways to control the release and refocus the energy so that I can avoid a full on come-apart.

Steps to Stay Calm in Annoying Circumstances

    1. Play Peter Pan (or Wendy or Tinker Bell or a Lost Boy) – the point is that thinking happy thoughts may not actually fly but they will make you lighter.

    2. Turn It Around – even in times of annoyance try your best to see it from the other side. It may make the situation easier to deal with or may end up calming your nerves altogether. Even if it’s just a chance to reflect on those around you it can be a good thing.

    3. Stay on Task – doing the things that you know to do no matter what others are doing around you will at the very least give you a sense of accomplishment.

    4. Walk Away – take a walk outside and get a little exercise, a shot of Vitamin D and a chance to reflect with a little peace and quite surrounding you. At least you will be a little healthier and a little more appreciative even if you aren’t all that much calmer.

Circumstances happen. There is no way to make them stop. As long as other people are involved in your life then you will never have complete control. Finding ways to deal with the chaos is the only way you can be sure that you can avoid coming apart on everyone around you.

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