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The world wants to hold me in its mold. The world wants to show me the way it works, the way it is done and the way it will continue to move. The world demands my attention and my submission.

But I am not of this world, although I do live in it. My focus must be on the One that designed me for this moment. My directions must come from the One that knows the beginning and the ending. My hope must rest firmly on the One that died so that I might live.

I am not going to be limited by “they”anymore. I refuse to look through their lenses any more. I demand that the world moves out of the way of the one anointed by the One that created that very world.

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Stepping out, even those little, baby steps, can be petrifying. The world will find its way back into the noise and chaos – doing all it can to push me back into the box. Moving on against the grain, the flow and the normal rarely comes without a cost. The world will wave banners of compliance in my way to distract me or redirect me.

I have to go back to what I know. All that I am, all that I have ever been, rests on that One foundation. As long as I continue to go back to that foundation, my way will be made clear. It is only when I try to walk the line – that lukewarm line of not committed but not defiant – that I find myself in the fog.

My path will not ever fit into the industry standards. I have spent the last several years trying to figure out why my walk has not matched the walks around me. I tried to follow their guidelines and suggestions. I worked on matching their success. And each attempt led me a little deeper into the fog.

Today I find the rays of light that are leading me back. My Father has provided me with everything I can ever need to reach the purpose that He designed for my life. There are no worries in His path because He has already prepared the way. I just have to stop putting other things in front of God in my life and in my walk.

I am not normal. I know that – I have known that. I have written about it often enough that it should be impossible for me to fall into that pit of despair that comes from trying to be normal. If I am not normal, then the words I write, the way I write and the people that are reading what I write will not be any more normal.

Are you struggling on your journey? I want to help you discover your “not normal” and find the foundation that will hold you firm when it seems everything is crumbling around you. Share your story and we can come together to begin to weave the journey.

Be blessed,


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