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Be Invested in Others to Create Your Success and Joy

Be invested in others. You are designed to be in relationships but like most things in life, the relationships that you need will require your investment. Relationships won’t happen to you or for you, they will always happen with you.

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January 30, 2020

Moment of HOPE

7 Be-Attitudes Help Invest in Others to Grow Relationships

It is all about relationships. The point comes up when people talk about marketing, family, church, and even God. Everything worth doing and worth being comes back to relationships and yet relationships are often the last thing we consider. It’s easy to take others for granted or to forget or (which is often my struggle) to put the ball in their court.

There was a time when I always reached out to others – without expectation of return. I chose my first car because I knew I would be able to drive more people around. I invited people to join me no matter where I was going. If I could cover the costs, I gladly did

It never dawned on me to make invitations based on reciprocal offers.
don't be alone on the journey

Did I get hurt? Absolutely. Would I have gotten hurt if I had another attitude? Absolutely. People hurt and the only way to avoid the hurt of people is to avoid people (but then you are people so that’s pretty much impossible to do completely).

At some point in my journey, I stopped reaching out. I felt bad because I didn’t have the transportation to be able to bring others into the journey. I hesitated because I didn’t have the funds to cover the opportunity. I quick asking because not everyone said yes . . . one too many times.
Quote - relationships happen with you
Recently, my birthday came and went with only a few people reaching out. The bank sent a card. The insurance company sent a card. My children sent their well-wishes. I felt an empty stirring because it wasn’t what I had expected.

And then I realized I never told anyone about my birthday, or that it was a milestone birthday, or that I would love to get together and celebrate with them. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t even reached out to be with others for no occasion what so ever.

Instead, I left the ball in their court – and I didn’t even tell them where the court was or that I had left the ball there. invest in others

Too often we want to be in relationship, but we don’t want to reach out. We want to be connected, but we don’t want to make the effort. We want to be together but we don’t want to chance being alone. So we settle with being alone because at least we know why we are alone if we don’t even try.

This journey is tough enough when we have the support to get us through. When we try to go it alone, we become the injured wildebeest that is easy pickings for the enemy.

Dare to invest in others and you invest in you.

Be Attitudes to Invest in Others

You have to make the investment to be invested in others. Growing up relationships requires connecting, sharing, nurturing, and caring and often without an expectation of return. But the return will always come even if it doesn’t show up in the expected direction.

be attitudes to invest in others

  • Be on the lookout. Look for opportunities to share something positive. The more you look, the more you will find.
  • Be prepared to give. Start your day with an expectation to give to others. When you set your mind on the action then you will be more determined to take the action.
  • Be willing to let go. Let go of the need to get something from others. Release them to do what they need to do by releasing your expectation that they should do what you want.
  • Be okay with the little bits. Little bits make up the big differences in the world. A little smile, a little note, a little hello, a little pause to hear the full answer to the general question you gave in passing are all ways that your little bit of investment can make a big difference.
  • Be daring enough to ask. Ask to meet up, and keep asking even if they keep saying no. They may be where you have been – wanting to be connected buy more comfortable along because at least they know they will be alone if they choose it.
  • Be open to different. If you think the one that does the inviting should pay then invite to meet up for a walk at the park or a catch-up meeting at the library. Offer to host at your house (even if your driveway isn’t perfect and your garden isn’t a show garden at the moment). How you connect and where you connect isn’t as important as THAT you connect.
  • Be focused on you. Keep your mind on being a friend, on sharing, and on giving, and avoid thinking about what you can get (or even what you think you should get).

invested in others

The investment is up to you. If you want to grow up relationships for your life and in your life then you need to make the choice to invest in others – even if you don’t feel like others are investing in you.

We are designed for relationships. We are called to be in relationships. We have to make an investment in the relationships if we are going to grow up the relationships we need for this journey.

How will you invest in others today?

Challenge for Intentional Actions

daily challenge - invest in others

Be Invested in Others

Reach out to one person today.
Offer a specific connecting opportunity.
Be okay with the answer.

You have to invest in others if you want to grow up relationships. And you need relationships. We are designed to be connected with each other and we are stronger in and through those connections. Dare to be invested in others today.

Quote of the Day

“You reach your success WHEN you invest in others.” – Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

1 Kings 19 – 22
Songs 7 – 8
Jeremiah 49 – 52
Psalm 146 – 150

Scripture Focus - Psalm 149-4

Scripture Focus:

“The Lord takes pleasure in His people. He will glorify the humble with victory.” – from Psalm 149:4

Ponder Point:

God wants you to succeed. God is actively invested in your pursuit of His unique design for your life. God makes the way for you to live blessed and to be a blessing. God has won the Victory that He calls you to embrace. So what’s in the way?

Share Moment:

What are some ways you can live in the life that God has created for you?

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  • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story and and view. I appreciate the points you shared, the verses and the challenge!

    Angel Santos
    Christian Shepreneur Academy

    • Hey Angel,
      Thanks for stopping by. It’s easy to forget about investing others but it is a hard lesson to learn. I’m glad you enjoyed the format and I hope to see you back here. I post daily Scripture readings, points, and challenges!

      Have a blessed day,