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Be Willing to Jump to Launch Into Your Possible

You have to be willing to jump if you are going to fly into all of your possibilities. You can’t stay on the ground and reach the stars. Until you are willing to let go and lean in with all that you are, you will be stuck wanting what you aren’t willing.

If you are going to fly,
you have to be willing to jump.
– Kathryn Lang


If you are going to fly, 
you have to be willing to jump. 
- Kathryn Lang

Transformed into a Butterfly

Several weeks back, I mentioned that you can’t talk butterfly to caterpillar people. I then went on to do a five-week series on #GrowingHope about Learning to Talk Butterfly and posted about how to define butterfly talk. I know that there is power in understanding our uniqueness and leaning into it. That’s how you move from being a caterpillar and transform into a butterfly.

You can't talk butterfly to caterpillar people.

What I didn’t realize then was that you can choose to revert back to caterpillar behavior even after you’ve transformed into a butterfly.

You can get so scared that you crawl into a box they made.

Circumstances can get so cloudy that you believe the storm over your Truth.

You can listen to the noise over the still, small voice that reminds you that you can – if you will.

But none of that changes the fact that you are a butterfly now, and you can fly any time you recognize that you have the wings you need to take off.

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Remember your truth

You are more today than you were yesterday, and the more you grow and learn, the more you will be tomorrow. The truth is that you have a purpose, and when you embrace it, you will live it.

Flap your wings

Even a little flap will stir the air and help you remember, YES, YOU CAN FLY!

Look up (not back)

Let go of who you were – because you aren’t that person anymore. Look up. Jump. Take off into all of your possibilities.

Transformed into a butterfly:

remember your truth
flap your wings
look up (not back)

Are You Willing to Jump?

The only thing stopping you from living out all of your possibilities stares back at you from the mirror each day. Flip the script. Remind the man in the mirror that you can and that you are more than any label, limit, or lie they have told you (or you have told yourself). You can fly if you are willing to jump.

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