Become a Helper to Reach Your Writing Success

Become a helper!

Are you willing to become a helper to reach the writing success that you desire?

“You can have all the success that you want if you are willing to help enough people reach their success.” From Zig Ziglar

Reaching the top tier of writing success means different things to different people. Some writers want to sell millions of books, other writers want to touch one heart, and some want it all (and they want it now). No matter what the goals for your writing career, you will get a little closer to where you want to be if you reach out and help others around you.
Do for others – especially for those that are not in a position to do for you.

Tips to Become a Helper

    – You begin to become a helper when you step out into a place where you do something for someone that you would have someone do for you – think Golder Rule. Are you looking for people to review your book? Think about offering to review a book for someone else. Are you looking for a mentor? Find someone that you can help grow in their writing craft. There is always someone starting out that knows less than you know. Time is a precious gift that always returns to you in surprising ways. (one warning: be sure that you make time in your schedule to give away something so priceless).

    – Offer to promote the products of others that you enjoy or think will be of value to those that you encounter. Mention the books of writers besides yourself. Link to blog posts that you enjoyed or that inspired your own journey. Sing the praises of others without expectations that they will sing your praises in return. Do it just because you think they are worth it.

    – Attend the events of other writers in your community even if they never have (or never will) attend one of your events. Give them the encouragement to continue doing what ignites their passions or charges their hearts. Having a familiar face in a crowd can help make presentations easier. Go with the expectation of being a blessing and you may find that you are blessed in the process. To become a helper, you have to be willing to reach out and help. Growing your writing success is NOT all about you.

    – Take some time to put others first. Allow time in your schedule to give an ear to someone struggling down a particular path (but only offer advice if advice is requested). Take a moment to think about the hurts of others around you (but only offer a solution if requested). Let others know that they are important in your life by making time with them and for them important.

My success is not all about me. I get to where I want to be when I am willing to reach out and help others get to where they want to be. Helping is not about putting my life on the back burner. It is about making people a priority and developing a habit of helping those that I encounter along my own journey.

What will you do today to begin to become a helper in the lives of others?

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  1. This is not a new idea. We’ve all grown up with it, but it’s so easy to forget, isn’t it? We get so busy trying to keep up with all our obligations that we don’t have time for the simple things…. taking a deep breath, smelling the flowers, reaching out a helping hand. Thanks for translating that simple truth into a simple plan for writers.

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