Becoming a RADICAL Proverbs Woman

Dare to be radical today!

“Ladies, it is time for radical.” That may not be the call that most people expect from the wife of the pastor. They are supposed to be quiet and helpful. Demanding radical seems a little extreme. Maybe she needs to settle back into the Proverbs 31 life instead – translated as she needs to become more subdued and submissive.

Radical sounds dangerous and out of control. Walking a path that others see as stable and predictable will do more for the Christian cause. Settled and subtle beat radical when revealing the Proverbs life to those around me.

It can be easier to fall into the ordinary and expected, but sometimes that means that I miss out on the extraordinary and the incredible.

I took a leap last month and had my hair cut professionally for the first time in about five years. I walked into the shop and told my friend that she could do whatever she wanted. She invested four and half hours into my radical transformation.

Stepping out of that shop was a new woman. My step was lighter and I stood taller (quite a feat for someone that just makes it to 5 feet). The courage to do more started from that one change.

Radical changes can shake up the status quo and push me to the next level. Re-arranging furniture – even moving one room to the next – can open up opportunities to do more in the home. Turning the schedule on its head and shaking it up until the snow flies can give me a new perspective on the situation.

I want to live a radical life that reflects the principles set up in Proverbs, because we have to face the reality that for the world the Proverbs life is not only radical but unrealistic.

Radical Requirements of the Proverbs Life

    • Get up before sunrise – I can hear all of the non-morning people moaning about this one. My nature does not like to be up when the sun rests behind the mountain. Reality has shown that the early bird really does catch the worm – translated as this early bird gets a lot more done if she gets up before the sun.

    • Work AND take care of the home – there came a moment in history when people began to think that they either needed to work or stay home. The truth lies in between. A successful home requires that I be willing to work to finance life and that I also manage the affairs of the home. Sometimes that means doing it myself and other times it means teaching and encouraging others in the home to step up and participate – translated as teach the kids how to do chores correctly and consistently.

    • Take care of your body – health connects to mental and spiritual well-being. God designed each person with unique properties, and discovering those properties will be the first step towards better health. Taking into consideration what I eat, when I eat and where I eat combined with how I move will begin the process of finding the person that God designed – translated as I may not be exactly what I eat but it will have a say in how I look, feel and act.

    • Put God first – prayer and meditation should be the first part of my day, of my choices and of my plans. Placing God in front keeps me moving in the right direction. I have my focus because I can see the One that has said He would always show me the Way – translated as if I have my eyes on Jesus then I will be in a position to walk on water and will not be distracted by the storms so that they cause me to sink.

    • Make others a priority – the move in society has been to the ME FIRST attitude. The Proverbs teach that I have to come to a place where others are before me. It makes no sense in the world and will be one of the most radical steps that I take. But I know from experience that when I make others a priority then my own life falls into line as well – translated as when I think of others and reach out to help I find that I lift myself up in the process.

I know that becoming radical will change my life and the lives of all those I encounter. People will stare – and maybe even complain. Radical can be uncomfortable even for those that are just watching.

Will you DARE to be radical – even for just one day?

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