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Becoming a Working Writer

I am a writer. That is my job, my passion, and my desire for the rest of my life – for today.

When I started getting serious about my writing (instead of keeping a journal of poems and short stories hidden on my shelf), I looked for opportunities to make money. I tried the traditional methods – sending in manuscripts and queries to magazines. The stack of rejection form letters started to grow out of control.

I needed a different direction. More importantly, I needed money. Now! I stumbled on a sight that would pay me to post comments on forums. It wasn’t much, but anything was more than nothing. I signed on.

By using my writing – where ever I could use it - I discovered a world of information. To write intelligently about the subjects, even for just 15 words, I had to know something about them. I researched, read, and surfed the internet for tidbits of information that would make my posts useful.

After a couple of months, some of the site owners began to ask me to write articles for the sites. Now I really had to do some research. Writing 300 words can be quite a challenge when you don’t know the subject intimately.

The more I wrote these short articles, the tighter my writing became. I started to stretch my employment opportunities by looking for writing jobs on, and other freelance sites. I got a job writing a football article once a week. Since I had never been into football, I started reading up. I think this last season was the greatest season of my husband’s married life. I actually encouraged him to watch football.

I continued to stretch my writing skills by taking classes, writing in a multitude of subjects, and attending conferences and seminars. The more I grew, the better my techniques became. I continued to submit to print magazines, and just last week I sold my first major article.

It was a tremendous feeling. Instead of sitting back and coasting on that feeling, I’m using it to push me even further. Everyday is another chance to get my work out there for people to view and enjoy. What I have found is that everyone gets there in a different way. It’s great to use other people’s experience as a guide or encouragement, but you have to find your own path.

If you want to be a writer, the only thing you have to do is WRITE.

This is one of many posts being featured in a work at home site and a carnival focused on entrepreneurs.  Stop by and check out some of the stories and tips that you can find there.


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