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Becoming the Salt of the Earth

I am the salt of the earth. The Sunday school teacher read Matthew 5 to us and I heard these words loud and clear. I did not hear how I made myself the salt of the earth. It just says that I am the salt of the earth and I can do nothing to recover the saltiness if it fades.

It is not me. I did nothing to become the salt of the earth. I was made the salt of the earth by the Creator. He put the saltiness in me. He made me salty for me. It was the Creator that made me the salt of the earth.

I continued to mull over the words as I worked to make my website more popular. I thought about the words of Matthew 5 as I worked to build my reputation online and in person through meetings and events. I continued to contemplate the words as I worked to connect through my church and my ministry.

It struck me one day as I flavored the lunch with the salt from the pantry. I do nothing – except what my Father tells me – and anything else I am doing, no matter how hard I work or try, is for naught. I will never make salt.

Salt heals. Salt flavors. Salt can even be used to destroy the weeds. Salt has power. But I will never create salt. It is what it is because the Creator designed it that way.

Looking back at the words of Matthew 5, I realize that to fulfill my salty promise, I have to release the need to make it work. It is not my job to make it work. It is my job to live out the elements of the salt – to heal, to flavor, and occasionally to be the element that eliminates the weeds.

Becoming the Salt of the Earth

    – Persistent in the pursuit of the Word. I have to know the Creator to follow the prompting of the Creator – and I have to know for myself.

    – Consistent in the experience with the Creator. The more I communicate with the Creator the easier it will be to recognize if I am still on track – or if I am way off base.

    – Speak inspiration and courage. Hope flavors everything and makes all things possible.

    – Accept the journey of others. We are all on a unique path and in a unique place – always ahead and behind others at the exact same moment.

    – Be honest with your answers – but always be honest in love (and remember that answers require questions first).

The salt does not flavor the meal. It is used to flavor the meal. The salt does not heal the wound. It is used to heal the wound. The salt does not kill the weeds. It is used to kill the weeds.

I am the salt of the Earth when I choose to be an instrument of the Creator.

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