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Becoming Unapologetically You

Be unapologetically you. The world demands you conform to its limitations and rules. Society tells you that you have to fit into the box of “always done it that way.” Stop listening to the noise of the world and lean into the awesomeness that is your unique design.

We are in this world, but we are not required to be of this world. As a matter of fact, we are challenged NOT to be of this world. Stop giving in and start lifting up.

Quit trying to follow
the rules they declared
for the life
only you can define.
– Kathryn Lang


Quit trying to follow
the rules they declared
for the life
only you can define.
- Kathryn Lang

Do It Your Way

“They call them starving artists for a reason.” My grandmother loved my writing and believed I was good at it. But in her world, writing wasn’t a “real job.” I could write on the side, but I needed to work for the privilege of writing. 

“But how will you make money doing that?” I had just poured out my heart to a mentor about encouragement and being an encourager. As part of the mentoring process, he challenged me to create a business plan that included my strengths, resources, and BIG DREAMS. And then he proceeded to crush them all.

“You don’t have the training.” When I began to share input about living a focused and intentional life, the only way I knew to explain my services revolved around coaching. I didn’t have certification (although my husband says I’m certifiable), and the leader of the organization quickly pointed out my flaws.

I listened too often to what others told me I could do or should do. Each conformity stripped away a bit of my uniqueness. Occasionally, when I felt completely comfortable and safe, the uniqueness would shine through, and people would notice.

For the most part, I blended in with the world around me.

Over the last several weeks, the studies I’ve been doing, the Scripture I’ve been reading, and the events I’ve been attending have all collided into a simple reminder to be uniquely you. The biggest aha moment came from Tigz Rice – the lifestyle shoot guest for Christine Gritmon. She said, “There is something wonderfully powerful about showing up in authenticity.” 

It’s not easy walking out this journey as someone else. The weight becomes unbearable, and often WE become unbearable in the effort. 

This week, I stopped waiting for permission to be my unique self, and I started walking out my authenticity with bold purpose – yes, even more than ever before. I still hear the haunting warnings of those that derailed me in the past, but the power that comes from my authentic self is helping me find a way past.

Are you being authentically you? If not, what are you allowing to hold you back from that power?

Becoming Unapologetically You

You are the only you there is on this earth. The only time you should ever feel like you need to apologize is when you do something that is unauthentic to your design. And even then, the first person that you should apologize to looks back at you from the mirror every day.

Honor the man in the mirror by daring to be all you.

B You tiful

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Invest in Knowing You

Take time regularly to review who you are and where you are in the journey of that you. Place in Purpose offers some practical tips for unlocking your unique design. Or you can schedule a FREE call with me today. I have six slots open for additional coaching as well. Whatever it takes, unlock the uniqueness of you and then lean into that with all you have.

Block out the Negative Nellies

People are going to talk. The more you walk out your unique design, the more THEY are going to tell you just how wrong you are. Find creative ways to block them out. I sing praise music in my head – although lately, I’ve noticed it’s not always just in my head. Create a reservoir of encouragement to keep you going when those negatives try to pull you back.

Seek Out Possibility Mentors

Find people that live and breathe possibility and then spend as much time as possible around them. If they offer free calls, take them up on it. If they offer courses, follow through. Get invested in covering your heart and mind with all things possibility.

Feed on Hope

With a seed of hope, everything becomes possible. The more we feed on hope, the more we grow hope in our hearts and minds. The power of hope moves mountains, breaks limitations, and shatters the records once thought impossible to break.

Yes You Can

You can live out your unique design. No matter what THEY told you. Despite what the world tries to show you. The truth of you is more powerful than any limitations. BIG DREAMS come to live by becoming unapologetically you.

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