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Being a Good Wife

Being a good wife requires me making the choice to be a good wife. It’s that simple and also that challenging.

So, what exactly is a good wife? I know I’ve been struggling with this question in the last few months. If I was completely honest with myself, I’d admit I’ve been struggling since I first got married (but we won’t go back that far since I started out so low on the learning curve in the first place).

Proverbs has always been a book of inspiration for me. Even Proverbs 31 has given me a reason to hope and goals to achieve. But since my husband just told me he’s embarrassed to bring people to our home, I’m guessing he’s not at the city gates praising me.

What Being a Good Wife Requires

10 Commandments of Marriage

Six months ago, his words would have crushed me. I would have been depressed for weeks, and the house would have REALLY been embarrassing.

Six months ago, I would have cried out to God to – strike him down – if only to knock some sense into him. “Why me, God?” would have been my mantra.

Today, his negative words have been a positive reinforcement. I recognize an attack from the enemy (not my husband, but the devil). After all, the devil uses our friends, our family, and our organized religion to attack us more than any other avenues. Who better to hurt you than those that are closest to you?

Today it’s on. I will fight and defend my home, my family, and my marriage. I will pray regularly, I will do the things God has led me to do – FOR HIM – consistently and with a joyful heart, and I will look to God to bring me the victory.

Today, I will step up and realize that the only thing that being a good wife demands is that I choose to be a good child. And I can do that.

What are your top tips for being a good wife?

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