Action or Focus

Being Active or Focused

I peddled as hard as I could to make it, but I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I leaned into the bars, put my head down and peddled even faster. I looked up then looked around and I am pretty sure I had been peddling backwards the whole time.

Frustration squeezed into my heart and made room for discouragement. They told me to stay in bed and mourn my lost efforts. They told me to stop trying because I would never get there any way. They told me that I deserved to not do something for a change.

They talk a lot.

I am not their first victim. Solomon (or at least the writers of Proverbs) faced down frustration and discouragement on more than one occasion. The words of wisdom that they share in Proverbs 26: 13 – 17 about the lazy man comes from the heart of experience.

“The Lazy man does nothing because he knows there is danger somewhere out there.”

“The Lazy man rolls over and over in his bed like a door on hinges.”

“The Lazy man is too tired to do what is good for himself – even feed himself.”

“The Lazy man thinks he is the wisest of all and does not even learn from the wisdom around him.”

I kicked discouragement and frustration out when I read those words. I saw them for what they were – more distractions. There is only one reason why I am not where I want to be right now – MY CHOICE.

One by one, I have made choices that have gotten me to this place. Each choice may have been small, but it added up with the others to cause my lack of forward motion. Quitting does not get me closer to that desire. Staying in bed does not get me closer to my dreams. Refusing to learn does not help me understand my journey.

I know the steps that I took to get to my mountain peak in the past, but if I have learned anything from this current journey it is that the steps I took before will not lead to the same destination.

God first – that is the most important part of the equation. When I make the constant, moment by moment, choice to do what brings me closer to God THEN I begin to make the forward progress that I desire.

He will lead me. He will help me. He will show me the way when I choose to make Him the most important part of my life.

I look at the past few days – few weeks – few years – and I see a plenty of activity but not as much focus as I would like to pretend exists.

The focus will make the difference.

Are you active or focused in the steps you are taking? Please share your thoughts in the comments below – or link up to your own article about being active or focused.

Be blessed,


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