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Believe Beyond the But What Then

But what then? We want to know the endgame – the next step and the steps after that. We want the full picture and not just an immediately in front of us glimpse.

It’s tough going on what is right in front of us because what if the next step leads us face-first into a door? (Been there, done that – also face-planted into the pavement which provides just as much discouragement for the record).

but what then - after you face plant in the door

You are created on purpose and for a purpose. I’ve declared the statement so many times my kids will default to it. I truly believe you are designed for a unique purpose. I try to share that belief with anyone who will receive it.

But what then?

  • What do you do with the understanding of on purpose and for a purpose?
  • Where do you go from there?
  • How do you put your purpose to work?

It’s important to grasp your uniqueness and to grow up your heartseed. The trick is in finding out how that looks here in this world.

The Next But What Then

I remember, several years back, my husband shared his frustration with a popular book at the time. “It tells me the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, but what then?”

Out of his frustration, Place in Purpose was born. It helps you to understand your unique design, your heartseed, the what then that comes after a foundational relationship with Jesus.

Writing the book helped me understand my what then next step. It allowed more people to experience their what then moments through the book and through courses and retreats taught from its concepts.

But even knowing my purpose and stepping out in that purpose wasn’t leading me to the place where I thought I should be. Instead of living by the river getting fed by the ravens, I was stuck lost somewhere along the way and all I seemed to be getting was bread crumbs and bird poop.

Beyond What Then

But recently, I’ve started to understand that there is another what then. Of course, there are likely a lot of “what thens” that will follow. It turns out the more you learn, the more you need to learn. This “what then” has to do with the next step after you truly believe in your unique design.

I know that I am called to lift up, stir up, and cheer up the Children of God. Everything about my gifts, talents, and loves falls into this realm in one way or another. 

In 2001, I had a pastor pray over me and tell me I was a tornado and to keep stirring things up.

In 2008, I shared how I felt a pull toward inspiring joy living in the hearts of others.

In 2012, another pastor declared I was called to lift up, stir up, and cheer up.

In 2013, I launched #GrowingHOPE in order to grow up hearts open to pursue extraordinary.

And yet, here I am, still standing beside the start’s block. I’m not even locked in and ready to run. Or at least I don’t feel that way most days. 

Yes, I’m helping people.

Yes, I’m encouraging people.

Yes, I’m stirring things up now and then.

But what then?

In Sunday school, the teacher was sharing the story of Abraham and Isaac when Abraham was taking Isaac to sacrifice him – on the direction of God. Abraham went, fully expecting to return with Isaac.

It dawned on me during class that Abraham never wavered in his belief in God’s promise. It’s why he could boldly walk up on the mountain to sacrifice his son. He knew that God had promised Isaac would be the bloodline, and he never doubted that promise.

When it comes to walking out my unique design, do I truly believe in God’s promises? Or do I merely hope there is some validity in what is written in Scripture?

Abraham had faith in God’s promise no matter what the circumstances looked like.

I can’t understand and walk out my purpose if I don’t believe in the promises of the One who designed both me and that purpose.

Knowing doesn’t always translate into believing. I can know the bridge will take me from this side to that side. I don’t prove that I believe it until I walk across it.

I have to know about God’s unique design for me, but what then?

It takes stepping out in the knowing to show belief. You can’t step out if you think it might be true or if your grandmother told you it was true. You have to believe it, deep down in your heart, rooted belief that others can’t knock loose.

When you are there – stepping out in settled belief, the what then comes one step at a time.

Go . . . to a land I will show you.

Go . . . and tell the world.

Go . . . offer your son.

It can be unsettling walking in faith. You don’t know what you don’t know, and when you walk in faith, you don’t know a lot. What you do know is what matters most. God said, and God has already accomplished what He said.

But what then becomes an exciting declaration when you become settled in Faith.

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