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Best Kept Secrets for Growing Mustard Seed Faith

Unshakeable Faith – mustard seed faith – positions me to stand firm even through storms. Things will happen – no matter how well I plan or determine the actions. Life gets messy and the world works hard to shake things up. Investing in unshakeable Faith will make the difference.

Growing unshakeable faith

“Be anxious for nothing.” I read the Scripture from Philippians 4 and it stopped me cold. I had been struggling to build the income to cover our bills. I got caught up in the results side and forgot all about the people.

It left me wondering.

Did I truly believe God is in control of every aspect of my life?

I said I believed. I told my husband that I knew God would provide. I wrote that I believed. I shared how God would pour out blessings on those who chose to follow Him. I believed what I was saying and sharing.

My actions told a different story. Those actions were driven by thoughts that doubted or at least told me it was necessary to do more. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps already. Get it done.”

I weighed my actions against my results and then I got honest about what was missing. If my thoughts don’t line up with His Word then the thoughts are lies. It is no more complicated than that.

Seed Growing Tips

  • Make the Word a priority. The only way to know God and to know His direction is to invest in His Word. I went back to reading Scripture every morning – although I went from trying to read the whole Bible in one month to breaking it down to four months. Making the Word a priority helped me find my footing for Faith.
  • Put others before self. Love God and then Love others – everything else will fall into place. The next thing I did was to commit to leading a group at Co-Working Night with Urban Engine at Huntsville West. I expected nothing but the opportunity to engage and connect but I got so much more for the investment.
  • Create an atmosphere of praise. The more you find to praise the more you will find to praise. Sometimes you will have to look harder than others, but there is always something praiseworthy around.

Growing mustard seed faith happens when I trust God more than self. Not only do I trust God more, but I rely on Him to do what He says. Faith is given to us, by God. We just have to get out of the way and allow it to grow.

Facts about the Mustard Seed

    Did you know the mustard plant is unaffected by the surrounding plants? The mustard seeds can grow so vigorously that weeds around them will be smothered.

    Did you know that even the remnants of the mustard plan will keep pests away? When you chop up the roots into the soil, it releases a compound that kills of some bugs and fungi.

    Did you know that the mustard seed is one of the fastest to germinate? A seed planted one day can spring up the next day.

My Faith – as a mustard seed – cannot be affected by the distractions around me.
My Faith – as a mustard seed – will quickly germinate, grow, and spread.
My Faith – as a mustard seed – pushes away the things trying to eat at my heart.

The world will hit you with struggles, trials, and storms. You can stand strong when you make the choice to grow up unshakeable Faith.

Be blessed,
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