Best Successful Freelance Writer Posts of 2010

The past year marked a series of changes here at Successful Freelance Writer. The expansion into speaking and teaching really took off. Developing products (such as eBooks, giveaways and reports) has opened up new opportunities. The more I do then the more I find there is to do.

I spent the last couple of days thinking about the progress I have been making with my freelance writing career. Even with all of the steps I have taken, I am not where I want to be. The best thing that has come out of reviewing the years is readings some of the posts that have been posted over the last 12 months.

My Favorite SFW Posts for 2010 (in no particular order)

    6 Tips for Exposed Writing – the original title was writing naked, but I was worried about where I would end up in the search engines (although I did leave that title in the subheading). The thought is that as a write I have to be willing to expose myself to my readers.

    Real or Fake Freelance Writing Jobs – one of the most frustrating things I have dealt with as a freelance writer is that great job that fizzles out before it begins. I am beginning to learn how to judge from the real and the not so real (although I still wait until the check clears before I believe it is true).

    Top 20 Tips to a Successful Writing Career – I read somewhere that titles with Top X Tips will bring in a lot of readers, so I still default to that sometimes. This particular article shared some of the steps I have been taking to make my writing passion a full-time profession.

    Questions and Answers for Writers – the more involved I become with other writers the more I realize that we are all learning from each other. No matter if you are just getting started on your freelance journey or you have been writing for pay most of your life, there is something to learn from each other.

    Finding the Elusive Ideas – there are days when it feels like inspiration hides away. Following one of the tips in this article can help you get the words flowing once again.

    Financial Survival as a Freelance Writer – balancing finances as a freelance writer can be a challenge even during the good times. I have learned from experience these four valuable tips that help me stay in the black when the paychecks are lean.

    Commit to Change – writing can be tough when you have a house full of kids and a list full of chores. It can be just a challenging when you manage to be distracted by things that are completely unnecessary. This article is all about my determination to get it done and tips for finding the best time to catch the words on paper.

    Beyond the Comfort Zone – there are still days when I struggle with my choice of pursuing a freelance writing career. It helps to find encouragement by reviewing my choice through objective points.

    Becoming a Writing Success – most people who are jumping into writing full-time want to find success at the end of the journey. This article reminds me of the basic steps that are necessary to reach the level of writing success that I desire.

    Understanding Connections and Relationships Online – dealing with people can be a challenge. Communications are tough when we sit face to face. Trying to figure out relationships through the internet can be almost impossible.

Do you have a favorite post on Successful Freelance Writer? Or would you like to share a link to your own favorite posts from your site or another site? Share those articles that helped you the most in 2010 and that have pushed to make that next step in 2011.

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