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Big Change Comes from Choices

I want more than what I have now. I deserve more. I NEED more.

My pleas went up to heaven, or I hoped they did. The week of grey days and bad news had left me wondering if my prayers might be getting snagged on my ceiling tiles.

“You are where you choose to be.”

[tweetthis]You are where you choose to be. Want better? Choose better[/tweetthis]
The words from the keynote address at Craft Content Nashville 2015 haunted my mind. They seemed to well up in the words of Scripture that marked my daily reading.

I fought them. I had no desire to claim the responsibility for my current condition. It had to be the bank’s fault for holding up my refinance. It had to be the economy’s fault for crashing just when I took my leap. It that to be his fault or her fault for not helping me out in this journey.

“The choices that you make today will determine the path that you walk tomorrow.”

7-18-16 choices today

I saw the concept in my studies. I heard the concept in the sermons. I read the concept in my social media posts. The idea that I am responsible echoed around me – even from my own lips.

“The choice is yours.”

I began teaching my children the concept from the moment they could understand. I wanted them to develop the strength in character it takes to stand on your own responsibility. It was important to me that they accept the consequences of their choices as readily as they accept the blessings of the choices.

[tweetthis]I have to make deep choices and better choices to experience deep changes and a better direction[/tweetthis]
“The choice is yours.” This time I was telling me and not others. I have to make deep choices if I want deep results. It is not more complicated than that.

When Dave Ramsey preaches “beans and rice; and rice and beans” he is talking about deep choices.

When Esther calls the nation to fast for three days and she agrees to fast for three days, she is calling for deep choices.

7-18-16 what has my focus

When Vanessa Griggs posts on Facebook a call to a full fast, she is calling me to deep choices.

Ultimately, all of these examples are about what will have my focus – will things of this world or directives of God receive my attention. The thing that has my focus will be the thing that produces my provision.

If I want more; if I want now; if I need different then it is time for deep choices.

What action are you willing to take right now to move you forward in the deep choices?

Be blessed,


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