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Practical Proverbs

Searching through Proverbs to discover 8 practical tips for living out a life of Peace and Joy
Practical Proverbs
Study Guide for Practical Proverbs
Study Practical Proverbs with a group or as a daily devotional with help from this handy Study Guide.
Study Guide for Practical Proverbs
Complete Practical Proverbs with Study Guide
All of the great information from the original “Practical Proverbs” with the added bonus of a study guide to help you take the traits and make them part of your daily life.
Complete Practical Proverbs with Study Guide



Bible Study and Scripture Focus

90 Days through the Bible cover
Little bits of daily readings from the different sections of the Bible to help you read and study the full Scripture in 90 days.
90 Days through the Bible



Encouragement and Inspiration

Discover the secrets to having the perfect spouse.
The Husband Whisperer

Answer four questions to find your place in God’s purpose and design.
Place in Purpose
Focus Folder

Conveniently designed to enhance your journey to a focused and purposeful life.
Mini Focus Folder



Reflections and HOPE

Reflections and HOPE - 2013 - Kathryn C Lang
Reflections - 2013
Reflections Volume 5 - 2013
Reflections and HOPE - 2012 - Kathryn C Lang
Reflections - 2012
Reflections Volume 4 - 2012
Reflections and HOPE - 2011 - Kathryn C Lang
Reflections - 2011
Reflections Volume 3 - 2011
reflections and HOPE - 2010 - Kathryn C Lang
Reflectins - 2010
Reflections Volume 2 - 2010
Reflections - 2009 - Kathryn C Lang
Reflections - 2009
Reflections Volume 1 - 2009



Big Spring Series

They - a Big Springs Novel by Kathryn Lang
THEY have control and Carla will soon discover what THEY are willing to do to keep that control.

Tourism Literature

The hurricane uncovered a secret, now the boys will follow the clues until they unlock the treasures of Mystery Rock
Mystery Rock
books - scouting out adventure- secret of the mounds - Kathryn C Lang
The clues left by Blackwater point the boys to the Mounds of Alabama – will they find they key they need to unlock the secret?
Secret of the Mounds

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