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Mystery Rock

Hurricanes have uncovered many things over the years, for three brothers the latest hurricane uncovers a mystery that takes them on a journey along Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Join the family as they unlock the secrets of Mystery Rock.

You can have your own Mystery Rock adventure. Letterboxes have been hidden in four of the locations from the book. The clues are included in the book and a special page for adding the stamp image is also included.

Begin your Mystery Rock adventure today.

Mystery Rock

Paperback Price: $11.99 (US)
Electronic Price: $3.99 (US)

Mystery Rock Letterbox Clues

Mystery Box #1 – Gulf State Park

Find your way to the Center of Nature and when you arrive, look at the islands in the asphalt sea. The first letterbox will be discovered in the green that never ends facing away from Nature’s home and towards the campgrounds.

Mystery Box #2 – Fort Morgan

Hike to the peak of the fort and gaze out at the bay. Turn your back to the bay and walk down into the fort until you find Thomas. Carry a flashlight so that you can discover the secrets that Thomas hides deep within. The box can be seen from one side but only retrieved from the other.

Mystery Box #3 – Fort Gaines

Enter the gates and follow the trail of those that have defended the bay. Climb the walls and catch a view of Pelican Island and the Light House. Get Fort Morgan in your sites and you will be close to the treasure you seek. You may have to look, but the right aim will get you there.

Mystery Box #4 – Dauphin Island

It all begins with Sanctuary.

Choose the path that provides a level road for all those that enter. Follow that path around through the pines until you come to the home of the animals that Spencer’s mom loves to hate. If you pass their home, you have gone too far. You will discover me in a hidden place that can still be reached from the path.

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