Books: Place in Purpose

Discover your place in purpose to set a foundation for living your best life. Nobody can determine your path but you, but it takes you making that determination for it to happen.

  • Find a place of common – we have to have a place of common to walk together.
  • Till the ground – tilling prepares the ground to nurture the seeds we are planting.
  • The Why of God first – a relationship with God sets the firm foundation for all we are growing.
  • The Why of Love Others – we are designed to be in relationships and we are stronger together.
  • Knowing the ME of God’s Design – you have to know you to understand your unique design.
  • Aligning with God’s Will – walking God’s will is the only way to live in His promises.
  • Making a map – you have to define your way to know where to step.
  • Taking a leap – you have to go to get there!
Place in Purpose:

The 4 Questions to unlock your unique design.

Have you ever wondered why you are here or what to do with that why? A Place in Purpose offers the tips and suggestions that will help you uncover your answers to these questions and others.

Kathryn Lang’s words are instrumental for teaching you how to toss aside all personal limitations and charge head-first into God’s purpose for your life. – Natalie Cone, Alabama

Once you know your why, what, how, and when then you will be in a position to begin living boldly in a life outside the ordinary and expected results of “the box.” Walking through these questions and seeing the path that others have forged can give you the better tools for making your own way.

The principles that Kathryn Lang presents are helpful to both individuals and ministry teams. They have worked very well in both my personal life and that of my ministry. – Pastor George McVey, West Virginia

Find your place – live your passion – and never work another day in your life.

You have a unique purpose in this world. You have a unique place on this journey. Discover your uniqueness and pursue it with boldness. Click To Tweet