Get life hacks from Proverbs to help create a solid foundation for joy-filled living!
Practical Proverbs Grows Peace and Joy

Practical Proverbs

“Proverbs offers more than just interesting sayings. It holds the keys to a life of peace and joy. All we have to do is take the time to grasp the Wisdom in Proverbs and apply that Wisdom to daily living.” Kathryn C. Lang shares her thoughts on the book. “My heart’s desire is that the words in Practical Proverbs will allow the reader to find a way to see past the storms and focus on the Son.”

Live a life beyond the ordinary and expected. Practical Proverbs offers steps from the Book of Proverbs and shares tips and stories with readers on how to begin walking those steps into a life of peace and joy.

“This book is right on target – practical advice and simple steps!” Troy works in Alabama as a contractor and craftsman. He enjoyed the humor and honesty of the way the book unfolded.

“It says practical, and it is! Kathryn Lang writes with the experience her life has given. This is a great read for anyone. I learned so much!” Bethany is a student from Colorado and beginning her own journey to the Proverbs life.

Practical Proverbs takes the sayings of Proverbs and applies them to living today. The stories and examples used in the book mold those wise sayings into words of inspiration that anyone can apply to their lives.

  • Tips for becoming encouraged and for developing a habit of encouragement.
  • Steps to help develop a fruitful life.
  • Suggestions on becoming more attractive and feeling more attractive.
  • Habits to help strengthen Wisdom.
  • Thoughts for creating an atmosphere of organization.
  • Ideas for having a more restful life.
  • Practices that grow a giving heart.
  • Advice for living a dedicated life.

The road to a life beyond the ordinary and expected starts with one step. Practical Proverbs offers a guide to allow you to find your first step and begin your journey to peace and joy.

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