Books: THEY


They - a Big Springs Novel by Kathryn LangTHEY had always been a problem for Carla, but she has never encountered a group so fiercely intertwined and a community that supports the entanglement.

She is sent away only to return years on a mission to find the connections. She begins to uncover the truth- They have control and They are willing to do whatever it takes to keep that control.

With the help of one of their own, Carla begins to uncover some of the secrets They have worked hard to bury.

She may end up buried herself is she is not careful.

Williams was hooked from the beginning. “The story sucked me in. I had to find out what happened.”

“I couldn’t put it down.” were the thoughts from George after he finished reading the book in one sitting.

THEY begins the Big Springs journey in the late 1950s. The small town of Franklin, Alabama harbors some big secrets. Carla had first-hand experience with the shadows of Franklin, but she never expected to be back digging around to uncover the truth. Her new job throws her into the middle of something she never imagined possible.

She came to Franklin to find the truth, now she is just hoping to get out alive.


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