Break the Cycle of False Balance

Breaking the habit of false balance

I need my balance but I spend more time keeping up the delusion of false balance to secure true balance in my life. Life twirling around all willy-nilly leaves me wondering where I am and why I might be there. Balance gives me focus.

I know that the ultimate path to balance lies in the Word. Last week I began digging into Scripture that talked about balance, focus and control – because all of the words in the world (and in heaven) will not help me if I do not control my impulses to go another direction).

Even with the words of encouragement sitting in front of me and written out in my own hand, I still struggled. I want what I want and I still want what I desire. Why should I have to do things differently to get a different result.

My morning devotions start with the Proverbs that corresponds with the date. This morning it was Proverbs 11. I made it through the first half of the first verse.

“A false balance is abomination to the Lord.”

I talked with my husband last night about my struggles. I wrote yesterday about how I can pretend to be doing right and even give the appearance of doing right, but know that I am not doing what I need to be doing.

I have a false balance – which is why things are all wobbly despite what I might pretend. Now I have to choose to change direction and become the “accurate weights” that are truthful and reliable.

Tips to Break a False Balance

      1. Be honest – with God first. Admit the pretending. While revealing my deception to God (who already knows, by the way) I expose the false balance to my own heart and mind.

2. Be honest – with someone that will hold you accountable. I struggle to find someone that will hold my feet to the fire in this journey. Calling someone out can often lead to revelation in your own life – so not many people jump up and volunteer for the job.

3. Be bold – it make take doing something DRASTICALLY different to break the cycle of false balance. Be daring enough to step out and try.

4. Be humble – pride opens the door for shame, but humility provides a way for wisdom. I might have the key, but that does not mean I have all the answers. I have to get beyond where I am, dig in to find the answers, so that I can begin to discover the path to where I want to be.

Balance is not about appearances. Balance is about making a way for blessings, peace and order to flow into my life. I can continue to put on a show and give chaos the upper hand, or I can choose to change and break the cycle of false balance in my life.

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