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Break Free of Fear for a DEstressed Life

5 Ways to Break Free of Fear Nets

Net One – Fear to Try

LIE: Fear will tell you not to try. The last time you tried you made a fool of yourself. The last time you tried you messed up. The last time you tried you failed. TRUTH: The only way you can fail is if you don’t try. Everything else is an attempt to learn.

Net Two – Fear to Ask

LIE: Fear will tell you that you shouldn’t ask because the answer is no. It’s always no. Nobody wants to help you. Nobody wants to support you. TRUTH: The only no is the one you get when you don’t ask. Everything else makes room for possibilities.

Net Three – Fear to be Honest

LIE: Fear will tell you that being honest will cost you. What will they think? What will they say? What will they do? Fear will convince you that keeping the truth hidden is the only way to survive. TRUTH: You aren’t called to survive. You are called to thrive. The only way to thrive is to touch hearts and the only way to touch a heart is to expose your heart.

Net Four – Fear to Say No

LIE: Fear will tell you if you say no then you will lose your chance. They’ll never ask again. They’ll tell others you aren’t helpful. TRUTH: Saying no will clear the path to saying yes to what matters most and to what will launch your purpose life.

Net Five – Fear to be Authentic

LIE: Fear will tell you that being you will lead to embarrassment. They will reject you. They will make fun of you. Nobody wants you. TRUTH: You are the only you out there and even though there will be people out there that don’t like you, there are people that won’t like the you that you pretend to be. Be you because you are the only you that you can be when you are HONEST about the situation.

Break free of fear

You have to break free of fear in order to build a DEstressed life.

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