Breaking the Blogging Code

My goal of being a full time writer is now within reach. I have met most of my objectives (picking up more online jobs, getting queries out, working on my novels, etc) but my blog is still a thorn in my side.

Writing the material is not the problem. Most days it motivates me to do more – it’s my writer’s block lucky charm. It’s the traffic situation that is hounding me. Every time I THINK I understand what I need to be doing, my traffic stays the same or even goes down. I haven’t been able to find that magic key. I’m beginning to believe it’s more like a magic bean.

Things I know:

· Blog what you know (passion)

· Comment on other blogs

· Visit (and be active) on forums

· Participate in blog carnivals

· Blog consistently

What I don’t know is what matters the most or what makes the real difference.

Like anything else, I need to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it so that I can see the effect. Journaling is my favorite way to do that. I have a bird journal (where the family keeps track of all the birds we see, where, and when we put out feed), a gardening journal (to keep up with the last frost and first frost of each year, what we planted, what died, etc) and I have a personal journal.

Today I started my first blog journal. Every day this month I intend to try something new to increase my traffic. I’ll keep a record of the numbers so that I can see what is effective for me and what is not so effective. Posting will continue as usual, but I will note what subject I posted on, whether or not there were links, and if graphics were involved – I’ll also come back and list when I get comments on the posts.

This is doable. With persistence and ingenuity, anything is possible. I can break the code. Blogging can become a source of income in my life. “I know it can, I know it can, I know it can.”

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