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Breaking Through to the Year of Jubilee

The last several days I have gotten up out of bed to the tune of “Behold He Comes” dancing around through my head. I have spent the mornings making breakfast singing through the chorus and the verses and smiling while I did.

Keep in mind that I go to a traditional Methodist service. Praise music is not experienced on a regular basis. We sing from the hymnal and the choir sings traditional songs.

“Why is this song stuck in my head and obviously my heart?” I wondered as I was singing, yet again, this morning.

And then I remembered a conversation I had with my husband yesterday. He was talking about his efforts to find new employment and for us to understand this new path that we were walking down. “It has been seven years.” He reminded me.

Seven years!

Do you know when the Year of Jubilee took place? It was the seventh celebration of the seven years – or in our case the breakthrough of the seventh year.

The moment this settled into my heart, my heart flew even higher. Things were already moving along – blessed and overflowing. Now, I had a promise of God that the Year of Jubilee for my journey, for my husband, and for our family was HERE!

Lift your voice – it’s the Year of Jubilee.

I have been saying for a few months now that God has something amazing in store – not just because I know that God wants His children to be blessed but because I could feel the anticipation in the air. It was like that excited feeling you get in your whole body just before a special event. It was electric and in the air all around me.

I just had no idea what was just around the corner. In truth, I still have no idea about the what. I have more of an idea than I had yesterday, and I suspect that I will have more of an idea tomorrow than I had today.

IF – and this is truly one of the biggest ifs in the history of ifs – IF I continue to make the choice to stay focused on God. I have to keep moving forward in my part and I have to be bold in those actions knowing that God has completed His part.

Are you ready for your breakthrough? God has done it. God has torn down the walls. God has prepared the Year of Jubilee. You just have to walk out His directions to get there.

Be blessed,

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