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Breaks for the Successful Freelance Writer

My brain took a vacation and my muse went along for the ride. That is never a good combination. The cut goes even deeper when there are projects on the table demanding to be completed. The goal of 5800 words that I set just the other day is laughing at me from the other side of the projects. A growing sound of laughter makes even tougher to get some semblance of phrases on the paper.

I forgot to plan some down time.

A large project takes a lot out of the mind, body and spirit. Jumping into more tasks can cause a bending in those regions that should never occur. Too much bending and something will have to break. My brain heads south before anything gets broken.

Plans for AFTER the Project

    • Take off a day off to enjoy the completion of the project and the success of the results. The number one reason most people get into freelance writing is for the flexibility. It is high time I found a way to take more advantage of that freedom.

    • Due dates will have to be spread out and sorted. There is no way for me to enjoy a success if another task looms right behind. I need to spread out my writing so that either the due dates are separated or so that the writings for those due dates get done along the way and not in one clump.

    • The computer is going off one day a week. Unplugging should allow my brain to recharge. If the muse insists on dancing on that off day then I will turn to pen and paper and see where that leads.

Turning off for a day will allow me to recharge for a better tomorrow.
Scheduling for a freelance writer becomes more that making time for the words. It requires developing a plan that gives the brain a chance to relax and recharge. Taking a few moments to be still will refresh the heart and invigorate the muse so that more writing will be accomplished in the end.

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