BS Comes in Handy

My husband often complains that I spent $40,000 (probably much more once you figure in interest and misc. expenses) getting a degree and all I have to show for it is a diploma on the wall. Try as I might, I never seem to get him to see how my BS in Leisure Services (yes it’s a real degree) helped me run the house, teach the kids, and do all of my extras stuff (like garden clubs and women’s groups).

Even though I don’t have a “real” job, I still find plenty of ways to put my degree to work and now I’m even making some nice money along the way.

1. Birthday parties – I spent my internship and many of my college years planning social activities. It just naturally rolled over into the children.

2. Grants – Part of my education involved learning about grants (how to research and write them). Today I am using that knowledge to help others (for a small fee 😉 ).

3. Fund raising – During my college years, there were many times I had to call companies to ask for discounts, donations or contributions. Asking for help is more comfortable because of my past experience.

4. Internet content writing – Leisure Services (yes it’s a real degree) requires a wide variety of information. Now I have a lot of bits and pieces that wander around my brain. It’s perfect for short, quick articles that I can use or sale online.

5. Making connections – Meeting with the Dean of Students, leaders of companies and officers in the military made me comfortable talking with people of position and people I did not know. Today I use that to get new clients for my grants or writing and to make connections for other needs as well.

My husband was deluded into believing that if you go to college and get a degree you will get a good job. That’s one of the main reasons he complains about me not “using” my degree – or I should say he DID complain. Over the last few months he has been around to see how my degree is put to use daily and how it is adding income to our bank account.

When you are stepping out in life (or pushing your children in that direction) make sure you encourage them to go to college for the educational opportunity and not for the degree. With education under your belt you will be able to do anything you set your mind to do. With a degree you will just have another picture on the wall.

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