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Patience for Budgeting and Controlling Finances

Patience for budgeting is what makes budgeting difficult for many. A budget simply requires making a list with numbers. Sticking to the budget requires patience, wisdom, and determination. Ic can be tough waiting for something we want.

I wanted my husband to be it when I first went out with him, but it took us eight years to work through the mess of our lives before we found our way back together. It was worth the wait.

On the flip side, it can be easier and quicker to manipulate the system to get something now! The house that we live in was small before I got the addition I wanted. It cost us another loan and LOTS and LOTS of headaches, but I got it. It’s not exactly what I envisioned, but it is better that what we had. The thought that haunts me is, “what if you had just waited?”

Patience for budgeting

Why Patience for Budgeting

  • Patience is a virtue for a reason. It helps you get to the right place and at the right time. The right timing can be vital for creating the success you desire.
  • Patience is a virtue for a way. It keeps you from speaking the wrong thing in the wrong way. It allows you to down long enough to recognize the bend in the road or to determine the better side of the fork.
  • Patience is a virtue for a season. It protects you from your own stupidity or confusion. It allows you to have the space to see beyond you. Despite what I like to tell others, it is not all about me!
  • Patience is a vital tool for any situation, but particularly to your budget! In a time of easy (and often instant) credit, patience can keep you from spending what you don’t have on something you don’t need until something better comes along.

Not long ago, my printer began acting up. The first sign of trouble sent me to the local Staples to find a replacement. I compared what was available in the aisles to what was available in my wallet. It wasn’t pretty.

After talking with a salesclerk, I decided to let the options marinate. I wanted to think more about what I truly needed and research what else might be available if I didn’t have to have it RIGHT NOW.

It wasn’t long before my printer announced its retirement. It was done. I went to the Staples website with my list of must-haves. The printer that matched was now on sale. PLUS, I had just received a rewards check, and the value on the check almost matched the cost of the printer.

Patience had led me to the answer I needed.

If you want to succeed with your budget, then work on your patience. That one little virtue can stretch your dollar all the way to a new and improved printer (and into so much more).

What are some of your tips for bringing patience into the budget process?

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