Building a Spring of Encouragement

Being encouraging requires a positive attitude and an up-lifting focus. It can be tough being an encouragement when the people around you are sucking your own encouragement spring dry (without making any deposits of encouragement into your spring of positive thinking). The good news comes when you discover that your encouragement and your ability to encourage can (and should) be carried around with you every where that you go.

Places to Find Encouragement

    1. YouTube – this is a website that is good for more than videos of cute kittens. Just type in “encouragement” or “inspiration” and find a few links that you can make part of your uplifting experience. Check out some of these links:

      a. You can do more than you can imagine you can do
      b. Pursue your Passion
      c. Don’t Quit

    2. Support – build a Prayer Support. Find several people that you trust and that you know spend time in the Word and talking to God (three is a good number).

    3. Accountability – set up an Accountability Group. Get together some people that are walking the same, or similar, walk as you are at this time (twelve is a pretty good number for this group.)

    4. Blogs – search the internet for blogs that will provide you with regular encouragement.

      a. Positivity Blog – Get a few smiles from the articles on this site.
      b. Total Abundance – Get a daily dose of inspiration.
      c. Kirk Nugent – Get some inspiration to rhyme.

    5. Music – record all of the songs that make you want to dance, sing, smile or laugh out loud on to a single disk or on to your MP3 player. You will have inspiration at the touch of a button.

    6. Scripture – write out those scripture that give you support, comfort and inspiration on to index cards or print them out on business cards. Carry them around in your wallet or purse for some portable encouragement.

    7. Location, location, location – discover some inspiring locations or views and set up some time to spend in those locations.

Encouragement can be hard work and maintaining the spring of good, positive and uplifting does not happen without some planning and effort as well. Set aside five minutes, first thing in the morning, to get a little inspiration. Have a plan for a little “fix” of inspiration through out the day. Make encouragement for your self a priority and you will find that you have the ability to encourage others all day long.

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