Building Relationships – Challenges to Help Build Your Writing Career

Working on building my writing career led me down an interesting path last night. My father raised me to understand sales techniques. He always said that the insights of the top sales people would cross every aspect of life. It turns out my dad knew a thing or two.

This leads me to last night. My books have not launched into the stratosphere (as I have told my husband they would most assuredly do) and I was depressed. Even the queen of the Rainbows and Lollipops world can have a dark moment. Last night was mine.

Another writing friend mentioned that reading John Locke’s book changed her life, so I figured I would give it a try. He says many of the things my dad has taught me (and that my husband has been telling me, but I will NEVER admit he was right). In the end, it all comes back around to building relationships.

Here is this week’s challenge. Find one person that you follow or is following you on Twitter or Facebook. Visit their site. Find something that really speaks to you and share that information with your friends and followers. Do something to build up others. The key to this challenge is to be sincere in the thoughts and to follow up on the responses.

Today we begin building relationships.

What are you going to do to connect with others in a personal way through the internet or social media? What steps will you take to begin building relationships to help launch your own journey to the next level.

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