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Moment of HOPE 4

6 Simple Questions Help You Define Your Why

Knowing your why matters because it makes it possible to make the right choices, the better choices, and even the saving choices. If you don’t know why, then any choice will be equal because you have no idea which way to go. “Are you doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing?” My husband […]

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growing hope

How to Stop Hoping and Start Doing It

Stop hoping. Hope provides fuel for possibilities but hoping for it doesn’t get you there. You have to start doing if you want to breathe life into hope. Otherwise, it withers into a wish and then fades into a whiff of smoke. Hope happens to be a favorite topic of mine. The term #hopesmith became […]

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Moment of HOPE 1

When You Take Action You Get Things Done

You have to take action if you want to make change. Action doesn’t happen to you. Action doesn’t find you. Your actions are driven by you – always. Now, you can allow the actions you choose to be dictated by others or you can allow the actions you take to be determined by you. No […]

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Tips 6 - kcl

How to Get More by Doing One More Thing

Doing one more thing can set you up for future success. It can also be the catalyst you need to get more done today. Either way, one more thing will get you closer to done than you would have been before you completed the task. I procrastinated, and I did it on purpose. It wasn’t […]

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Life Tips and Ideas

Be More Powerful Don’t Just Feel It

You can be more powerful in pursuit of your purpose and bolding walking down your path. It’s your choice. Take the actions to move beyond feeling more powerful into being more powerful. I’ve said it before – probably today – that the only person that holds you back or pushes you forward looks back at […]

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4 - Tip Tuesday

How to Overcome the Force of Inertia

The force of inertia holds you where you are and keeps you from moving to where you want to be. Inertia keeps you comfortable in your uncomfortable place so you don’t take a step into your possibilities. Sometimes the only way to break the force of inertia is to move. My day started behind. It […]

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