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Winning in Purpose

How a Little Shift Makes a Big Difference

A little shift can change everything. A little shift can move you from the cold to the warmth of the sun. A little shift can make room for another little shift which makes the way for your change. Begin to make the little shifts so you can make the big differences for your life. I […]

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Growing HOPE - Foundational Hope Principles

How You Can Find Your Hope with Positivity

The hope you seek hides in plain sight. When you look for hope, when you open your eyes to the possibility of hope, when you choose to seek hope then you will find hope. I woke to a Twitter notification feed overflowing. I see you rolling your eyes. “What good can come of a Twitter […]

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Kathryn Lang #GrowingHOPE

Remember Today and Every Day . . . Love

“Your blood should still boil.” The words were shared in regards to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. My gut reaction involved tears instead of anger. Remembering back 17 years ago, it was tears that overwhelmed me. I came home and talked to my son about that day. He was four years old. He still […]

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Secrets to Being Hopeful

Discover Your Hope Hidden in the Fog

Hope is hidden only to the heart that is not seeking to find it. Seek hope and even through the fog or the dark you will find your step. # # # The fog settled around me – think and heavy. The damp drops dripped down my face. I kept walking. I looked up ahead, […]

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