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Keep It Simple Silly

Peel back the complicated and reveal the simple base.

Things come down to choice – how I choose to think, how I choose to act, or how I choose to respond. It is simple. We just work hard to make it complicated.

Keep It Simple Silly

Keep It Simple

Social Media Flushed with Fake Followers

Exopsing the Truth of Social Media Numbers Several years ago, an agent speaking at a writers conference said we needed to have a significant following on social media before we would get the attention of publishers. I challenged him to give me a number, but he had met me. He said he knew better than […]

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Keep It Simple

Define Your Why to Pursue Unique Success

Define your why. If you want to live your life in bold purpose then you need to start by defining your reason and your why. Get the Secrets that Drive Kathryn the Writer Words hold a special place in my heart. I enjoy the way words can dance on a blank page, painting images and […]

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