Challenge to Change – Creating Your World Domination


You create world domination when you harness the power of your unique life.

Do you wish for more time?

Is chaos in control of your world? 

Are you caught in the hamster wheel of life – going at full speed but only spinning the wheel until you stumble and the wheel is spinning you? 

Do you want to get it all done but you aren’t even sure what might be involved in starting?

Or maybe you simply need a little extra push to walk out your BIG DREAMS.

I’ve been there. Every time I felt like I got it all together, someone would come along and move my middle. The more I tried, the further I fell behind. Before long, it was easier to give up than to get up.

And then a friend challenged me to set a focus word for the year. That focus word idea grew into a yearly plan that allowed me to harness the power of little bits to reach my BIG DREAM goals.

Challenge to Change- White Board of World Domination

The Power Behind the WhiteBoard of World Domination

The White Board of World Domination helps you harness the chaos, get off the wheel, and define your rules so you can take control of life one bite-sized piece at a time. The key is not the design of the board, but the designer.

You are in control. 

For me, the WhiteBoard of World Domination was literally a whiteboard the size of double doors.

For Dennis, the WhiteBoard of World Domination looks like a compass.

For you, the WhiteBoard of World Domination could be a calendar or bullet journal.

The form isn’t important. What is important is finding your way to map it out so you can harness the power of focus and determination – one little bit at a time.

out of the box
World Domination Breaks You Out of the Box

About Me

I’m Kathryn Lang and I developed the White Board of World Domination from my own chaotic years trying to balance work from home, homeschooling three boys, maintaining a three-acre show garden, and helping sick family members – and all without losing my mind . . . well, most days.

The key for me was keeping it simple and tackling little bits at a time – because simple is easier and little bits add up to big differences. So, we are keeping it simple – four steps and four squares – and I’ll be with you through the whole process.

That’s me – probably laughing inappropriately!

Eight Steps for World Domination:

  1. Determine priorities with a time audit
  2. Define anchor
  3. Capture vision
  4. Set BIG DREAM goals
  5. Develop objectives
  6. Define strategies for fulfilling objectives
  7. Break down to bite-sized tasks
  8. Wrap it up in focused flexibility – that ability to stay focused in the goal but flexible in how you get there.

Let’s talk a little more about each one of these steps.

First Step:

We will audit your time consumption and define priorities. The only resource you are unable to make more of is time. Knowing how you are investing your time and looking for areas of necessary adjustment. This will also help you set priorities

Second Step:

We will define your anchor. You need to be grounded before you can take flight. Your anchor will be the one focus you want for the year.

Do you really need an anchor? After all, you got through the last year just fine without an anchor – and for that matter, with very little direction, focus, or consistency. It may have been survival on a wing and a prayer, but it was survival nonetheless.

By stopping for a moment and reviewing the journey, we will find a word that will that makes each step and choice a little clearer as we go.

What will be your grounding ideal?

Third Step:

We will capture your vision. You can be more flexible in life if you have a vision to guide your process. Unless you know where you want to go – the finish line for your journey – you will never be positioned to get there. And you will definitely never be able to maneuver through the detours and roadblocks that will pop us as you go.

What is your vision of who you are and where you are going?

Fourth Step:

BIG DREAM goals: we will dare to dream in the four squares of a balanced life:

  • Aspiration – profession or work,
  • Stewardship – home and resources,
  • Transformation – mind (and body),
  • Fellowship – friends, family, and connections

It takes a balanced life to stand firm no matter what comes at you – and things are going to come at you.

It takes a balanced life to create world domination.

Without any one of these blocks, the balance will be off. You are a complete person and until you give attention to each part of who you are and what you are then you will continue to fall off balance.

What goals in each block would bring balance to your life?

Fifth Step:

Hone the aim with objectives:

Objectives allow you to make decisions and evaluate performance without feelings skewing the results. Objectives mark the spot where you will take action for your goals.

Sixth Step:

Pursue the objectives with strategy:

Strategies are the purposeful actions you will take to fulfill the objectives for your BIG DREAM goals.

Seventh Step:

We will break it all down into bite-sized pieces: You run a marathon one step at a time. You clean out a garden one weed at a time. And you reach your point of world domination one little bit at a time.

  • Monthly sized
  • Weekly sized
  • Daily sized

Eighth Step:

We will set a schedule for your week: Creating an intentional deadline for the tasks that build up to your BIG DREAM goals keeps you on target and focused. These are immediate measure sticks for your journey. We will work together to set a schedule that works for you and develop your personal WhiteBoard of World Domination in a format that will visually keep you motivated.

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