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Change is NOT Up to God

A to Z Challenge – Day Three

C = Change

My change is not up to God. I can ask Him to make things different. I can pray to Him for something to change. I can even bring up the promises in Scripture to point out why change is due.

But change is NOT up to God.

The change you seek is not up to God. The people cry out for God to make it better or for God to make it right. The answer lies closer than the Heavens.

True Path to Change

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“God isn’t fixing this.” The declaration filled the headlines and the words caused a ruckus amongst the believers and non-believers alike. Some mocked the words. Some held the words up as proof. Some bowed their heads – not in prayer but in shame.

How could this counters, which has its roots firmly established in prayer, dare to make such a proclamation? This country grew stronger with a foundation of prayer.

It may not be popular with the people around me, but in this one instance THEY are right. God is not fixing this. God never said that He would fix it, at least not with the magic wand or easy button so many are trying to find.

“If My people, who are called by My name . . .” God talks directly to His children with these words. The world doesn’t – nor is it supposed to – understand. It is the Christians (and not the politicians, the government, other religions, or ANY organization) that God calls out to. Each, individual person are the focus of God’s call.

”humble themselves, pray, seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways . . .” We want to point the fingers at anything to keep the focus off self. Focusing on self means that self has to change. Change for self means sacrifice from self. Even if the change produces something better, it is still change. Change can be scary. If the responsibility falls on others then it’s easier (or feels easier). The truth of the Word reveals that responsibility is on you and on me.


When we do what is expected of us then God steps in.

Change is NOT up to God

The True Focus for Change

I have been talking to my family for weeks about how to get the garden in order. At any point, the men of the house could go out and get it done. I keep talking. The change keeps waiting.

The other day, I recognized that I could talk about change, and even ask for change, but until I was willing to act for change then I would never get the results I wanted.

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  • Look in the mirror. The person looking back at you will be the only one that can make the change you want. You, and only one, are in charge of your change.
  • Evaluate the day. Take a measure of how you are invested in growing your change. The things you choose to do (and the things you choose not to do) determine the direction you move – either towards your change or away from it.
  • Get uncomfortable. Change most often will seem a little “not right” at first. We get comfortable where we are – even if we are uncomfortable where we are – and comfort makes change feel weird. Expect to feel uncomfortable for a few days (or few weeks) until your place of change becomes the comfortable place.
  • Start stepping. Until you take the step you will never make the change. It really is true that nothing changes until something changes. If you want to have change then you have to take a step into the change. It all starts with the first step.

Contemplating the truth of change

You are responsible for being the change you want to see. Maybe your actions won’t change it all, but your changes will begin to manage how you see things around you and that alone will be a change worth experiencing.

Change for the World

“It won’t make a difference in the big picture.” That argument comes up often when talking about how to make a change in the world. “The one thing I do is not enough to affect the big things.”

Over twenty years ago, we purchased forty acres of woods and old farmland. I point out the old part because EVERYTHING was grown up. Even after we moved our home into its location (someday I’ll have to share our unconventional way of getting our home – it seems that even when it comes to a house I have a tendency to think outside of the box), most of the area around the house was untamed.

I could have waited until we had the money to hire big machines to clear the land. I could have waited until my husband and his friend could come through with a chainsaw. I could have waited for all the big answers.

Instead, every day, I invested a little time doing what I could do with what I had (which meant working with a bush hook during nap time). Slowly, my overgrown bush forest was tamed . . . one small work moment at a time.

Little things, when they are added up, make a big difference.

If you want to change the world –no matter what part of the world it is that you want to change – then start with one thing where you are and work with what you have. It takes action and action applied with consistency will change the world.

Be blessed,

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Your Turn!

Share with me what little thing you will do and let’s begin to take notice how our little things can add up.

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True Focus for Change

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    1. I think it was easier to me to accept that I can’t change others thank to accept that I have to take action to make change in my own life. There are still days when I hope the brownies and shoe making elves show up in the night to do the dishes 😉

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