Changing Messy Habits

Keeping things clean, organized and uncluttered is not in my nature. I was one of those teens that had a path from the door to the bed. Once a year I would take a day and make an effort to straighten my room (so that I could see the top of the dresser and so that there wasn’t a pile of clothes covering the floor). Some of my friends didn’t even know what my floor looked like.

It’s proof positive that God has a sense of humor since the love of my life is the exact opposite. And he immediately began imposing his wants on my way of life. It wasn’t pretty.

It took me a few years to come to a place where I understood that if I felt the need to apologize about something then there was a good chance that there was room for improvement in that aspect of my life. It was then that I decided to take a stand and make the changes that would help me clean up some of my messy habits.

Tips for Changing Messy Habits and Getting a Clutter Free Home

    1. Clean off the tables and counter tops each night before going to bed. It is too easy to use these surfaces as storage areas and they quickly become cluttered and make the house feel (and look) messy.

    2. Put away all the clothes at each change. Pajamas go in a drawer until they are needed again the next night. Work-out clothes get put away until the next work out or go into the dirty clothes. Shoes go into the closet as soon as they come off the feet.

    3. Empty the dishwasher as soon as the dishes are cooled. A full (and clean) dishwasher just encourages the stacking up of dirty dishes in the sink. An empty dishwasher allows you to put dishes away as you use them.

    4. Fold and put clothes away as they are washed. Clean clothes sitting around can get dirty and then just double up your work load. Clothes that are folded or hung up as soon as they are dry are less likely to get wrinkled as well.

    5. Empty the trash from the car each day that you use it and you will have a car that is clean and respected.

When all is said and done the best way to break the messy habits is to start right now picking up as you go. Almost all of the minor problems of clutter can be remedied by doing it now.

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