Changing Perspectives and Finding My Way – 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge

It does not all work for everyone. Read this book because this expert changed my life. Take this pill because it made the weight fall off. Drink this supplement because it helps to makes you healthier.

I have heard the promises on more than one occasion and on more than one occasion I have been disappointed. They offer the steps or the secret formula to make things right. And IT works. I have seen the pictures and have read the testimonies.

What I have not seen is the “It didn’t work for me” pictures and testimonials. They are there as well.

IT does not work for everyone.

I started my 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge to really think over these things – those that work and those that are not quite for me. I have recognized my need to find my own path – and a journey down any path starts with that first step.

Taking My Unique Steps

    1. Change the measurement parameters. I have dreamed of having results like they do on the weight loss shows. Of course, I am not in a position to invest eight hours a day working on those results like they do. They measure weekly – or that is what the shows want you to think. I read recently that the weigh-ins can be as much as two weeks apart. So, I CAN have those results – a little bit at a time – if I stop weight each day (or even each week). I am also looking at how I feel and not just the numbers.

    2. Remember the distance. It is not a spring, it is a lifetime. My main goal is not a magic number but a new focus for life.

    3. Listen to the experts, the gurus and those that have gone on before – but find your own way. It can be tough. My flesh wants it now and the pictures that are shared and the stories that are posted are all about the now. Instead of jumping in, I have to be willing to invest a just a little bit so that I can review the fine print. There is more to it than the magic key.

    4. Be willing to try (and just as willing to adjust and try again). It may It will probably take some tweaking to pattern your own way. Be willing to make the changes so that you can get your path right for YOU.

    5. If it seems too good to be true then trust your suspicions. There is usually more to it than meets the eye. See step #3.
    I want results and I want them now – whether I put in the effort or not does not make a difference. I deserve results. I deserve what I want. It should happen.

That has been my mindset in the past – and I confess it still creeps up on me now and then. Even with this 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge, I wanted big results with “a little bit” of effort.

A little bit takes a little bit longer.

I have to find my path and then practice the patience necessary to make that path the focus of my journey. I can tell a difference even if it is not as fast as I sometimes want.

Be blessed,

How do you find a balance between your hopes and your reality?

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