Characteristics of a Writer

Develop the Anatomy of a Writer

The characteristics of a writer can leave a person feeling odd or out of place. The writer in me often sees things from a unique perspective or just manages to present the “same ol, same ol” in a whole new light.

Attending writing conferences provides me with insight into why I do what I do. Following the path may not be easy, but understanding that walk can make it a LOT less painful.

The Anatomy of a Writer

    Eyes – Always looking for the story and seeing it in places where others cannot or dare not go.

    Hands – Make connections that do not fit the ordinary or acceptable mold.

    Ears – Listen for phrases, expressions or sounds that need to be interpreted and shared with everyone.

    Feet – Step out without fear of failure because failure is nothing more than recognizing that was not the best step for that moment.

    Mind – Understands that it is okay to do and to be according to the design of God.

    Mouth – Openly admits (often to anyone that will listen) that “Yes, I am a writer.”

It is okay to be different, and it makes the journey that much more interesting. I have to remember that I am uniquely designed, purposefully set apart, and boldly directed to be that which I have been called.

Anything less would just be normal.

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