The Choice of Action or Consistency Challenge – Day Thirteen

Beyond the Clouds - Make the Choice

It was a dark and stormy night . . . or maybe if it had been then my feelings could have been excused. I felt dark and stormy.

The reality was a clear sky with a crystal blue color that would make your heart sing. The wind blew and was cold, but it was far from dark and stormy.

My heart still hurt. I was unsettled. The discomfort worked against me and made it difficult for me to want to do anything. The words hid. The energy cowered. The motivation withered. I was alone.

It was the second day in a row that the feelings had smothered me. I started my morning, turning up the heat for the rest of the house, making the coffee and doing those must do things that are required to start the day.

The day before, I had started my day the same way. I also wrote an article for my newspaper column because it had to be done. I took the boys to scouts because I was picking up the food and was expected to attend.

I had obligations. I had to do things, so I did them.

It turns out that I get a lot of things accomplished when I accept that they have to be done. The moment I stop making excuses, I begin to discover a way. The more I do the more I manage to get done.

That is it – that is the difference. I might not have a light and fluffy day, but I also do not have to let the weather determine my achievements for the day. I have the choice – I ALWAYS the choice.

How do you do when it is the last thing you want to do?

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