Make Choices for Growth – Developing Perfection

Making choices for growth

I am not perfect, but I was designed to be perfection. That means the potential currently resides in me to live in that perfection. The question then becomes what holds me back?

Choice – as much as I hate to admit it – my own choices drag me out of the potential for perfection and leave me stranded in the muck of ordinary, expected and imperfect.

The seed of perfection resides within my heart. My choices will allow that seed to germinate. My choices give that seed the nutrients it needs to sprout up and grow. My choices provide that seed with the light to bloom and prosper.

I just have to choose to make the right choices.

Tips for Making the Choices for Growth

    – Fill the mind with words that encourage. Read books of inspiration and motivation. Listen to music that provides positive impacts and praise. Get around others that are motivational by nature. Invest time in the Scripture through reading, studying and praying.

    – Start first thing in the morning. The first decision of the day comes with the sound of the alarm clock (or the sun breaking through the curtains). Get up and get going. That one decision can be the key to filling the day with the right choices for growth to your success.

    – Make a list and keep it in an easy to access location. Your list can be a white board posted in the kitchen, software on all your smart technology, or any system that helps you to keep track of the to-dos so that you can invest your time in those which will help you avoid the trap of the to-don’ts.

    – Review the day before ending the day. Keeping track of what went well, what had too many bumps, what threw the cart completely off track, and any situations that may have contributed to each instance. Looking over the past can help the plans for the future and making the choices for growth a little easier down the road.

    – Let go of the mistakes and mis-steps so that you can grab hold of the possibilities that tomorrow holds. Once the review had happened, begin to look towards the horizon once again. Start expecting to move forward so that your forward momentum can continue to build.

It ALL – success, triumph, freedom, focus (and their opposites) – come back to one word: CHOICE. Until I begin to live out my day by making choices for growth I will never live in my full potential of perfection.

Are you perfect yet?

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