Choose Your Writing Expertise

Find what you love and then do it. That advice from the experts seems simple enough, but it can roll out of control if you are not careful. There are so many things that I love, or enjoy, or just am good at doing that sometimes I get scattered trying to pursue it all at once.

This has reflected onto my blogs. Several years ago it was suggested that if I was going to write on distinctly different topics that I needed to have distinctly different blogs. I set up more blogs and began posting away. Just keeping up with a regular post on all of these sites can be a full-time job. That does not even take into account the promotion of the blogs.

Writing for my blogs has started to go in cycles. One site gets all of the attention while the others are left to sink or swim on their own. My exuberance for a new product, challenge or event pushes one interest ahead of the rest. I think there is a place for extra interests but I also think it is vital that I find a way to hone my passion into an elevator pitch.

What do you do?

I hate that question because I have no clear idea of how to answer it. I write and I speak, but that does not even begin to cover what I do. I should never expect others to hire me if I have no idea what I would be doing for their group.

What have I done? I can answer that better.

I have spoken: about being a writer and changing my words to reflect my new path; about being an encourager in the lives of the people around me and ultimately in my own life; about pushing through the tough times even when I do not see the sun because I KNOW the sun is there; about looking finding what you are looking for so look for the good, positive and uplifting.

I have written: columns on being positive because I know in my heart that the journey to the sun begins with a heart that knows it is there; columns on travel through research because I want to travel but have not yet had the opportunity; columns on community because it was, after all, a community column; blogs on weight loss from my own personal struggles and triumphs; blogs on writing from the tips and suggestions I have found through time and experience; a novel that I am still editing; non-fiction books that are still beginning completed.

I have worked: as a content writer where I develop articles for websites based on their needs and guidelines; as a feature writer where I can share stories and ideas about people and places; as a news writer where I provide the bare bone facts.

I have taught: a workshop on freelance writing that offered the beginning tools for launching a writing career; a retreat on de-stressing through a new focus and a new attitude; a class on being an encouragement in the life of my husband even if he is not returning the favor; classes on palms and Philippians that put the pressure to change on the heart of the individual.

Forming my Elevator Pitch

I am a teacher, writer and speaker. The groups that I lead and the words that I craft help to provide motivation and inspiration to a heart that seeks a new direction. I would enjoy being a part of your next presentation and offering a new hope for those that are hungry for a better way.

I am a content and freelance writer. My love for words and research allow me to craft articles and information to meet the interests and needs of others. I would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your next project.

What I have Learned from My Exercise

It looks like I am going in a dozen different directions, but the truth is that most everything that I do comes back to hope and inspiration. That is my passion. I want everyone to live in the world of rainbows and lollipops – where reality is recognized but not allowed to dictate the direction.

But – while I am building my path to my passion, my love for words gives me a chance to pay the bills. Content and freelance writing may not change the world – today – but who knows what tomorrow will hold.

My journey is unique. And for most of what I do, I take that journey and twist it up into a little package of words that can be shared with others who need a little inspiration in their lives. It may be that the words are about weight, family or the crazy neighbors down the road. No matter what the direction the words seem to take they all come back to hope.

At least, that is my hope.

Do you know what you do?

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  • Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for you post. I can identify with you pretty much 100% Came across your blog looking for a way to describe my writing expertise. I see I am not alone. I hope to “grow up” to be like you as I’m just recognizing the importance of focusing on one thing at a time. I’ve often told others that focus was really an acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful. Time for me to take my own advice.