The Christian Carnival Helps to Build Relationships

christian carnival builds relationships

Relationships make building and remaining in a Walk with God a little easier. The internet had made pursuing relationships more difficult – because it can be tough to get to know someone through words on a screen. The internet has also made it possible for connections to be made across the globe, around the world, through time zones and cultures – all with a click of a few buttons.

It is all in how you use what is available.

Everything comes down to that. How I choose to use, or not to use, the blessings and guidance of God will determine how I live.

Today I have the privilege of hosting the Christian Carnival. The entries that were offered had two themes – relationships and using what is available – at least, that is how I saw them. The best part of being the host is that I had a chance to visit some great blogs that I might have missed without the added responsibility of being a host. I hope that you will take a moment from your day to visit a few of them as well.

Start Building Relationships

Karen Vaughn over at Karen’s Devotions offered an interesting perspective on the value of grief. I am all about being positive and uplifting, but I appreciated what she had to say about grief being an important element to being drawn into a relationship with Christ.

Maurice Kande over at Maurice Kande II the Dreamcatcher won my award forthe  favorite post of the month – probably because it comes from a foundation of good, positive and uplifting (which is my personal motto). “In our quest to achieve our God-given purpose, we should always give a role to our mind. Many Christians have wrongfully thought that they should exclude their minds from participating in accomplishing the will of God. The Bible never said:’ Throw away your mind’, but it rather says: ‘Renew your mind‘. Take your mind and refresh it into a new one.” His story about Johan reminded me that my relationship with God will/must give me the courage and strength beyond the reality of the world.

Josh over at Faith & Entertainment shared 77 verses of Scripture that offer encouragement for Faith. I love the quote that is shared from Corrie Ten Boom – who was a woman that allowed faith to grow in her own heart so that she could encourage all those that she encountered. “The word of God is powerful and encouraging. Scriptures on Faith will help to motivate your day.”

Ridge Burns offered me a reminder that relationships can develop anywhere – on the plane, on the golf course or even online. His post was the inspiration for the theme. “Ridge Burns writes about the depth of fellowship we have as Christ-followers.”

Growing in Knowledge: (learning to use what is offered)

Silas Eke over at Notes by Silas shared some thoughts on sanctification. His post showed the importance of growing knowledge to develop relationships. His thoughts were a reminded that it is through sanctification that I can have a relationship with Christ. “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?”

Henry Neufeld over at Participatory Bible Study Blog provided some important information about relying on others. The truth of it all is that we will never do it on our own. There will be moments when relying on others will be necessary, but it will always have to be done with Spirit led discernment. “We all depend on others, such as scholars, in our Bible study. How effective this is depends on when and how you do that.”

Ichthus closes out this week’s carnival with thoughts on the Golden Rule (*edited on 09-09-2022 – link not found). Can you have the Golden Rule if you have no foundation in God and Christ? The Golden Rule was established on the Cross and without the Cross it loses its value.

Share your thoughts about how to build relationships and growing knowledge. Let us know what you have gained from the blogs. Let this post begin the process of establishing new relationships.

The more you know, the more you grow, and the closer you get to where you are designed to be.

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