Christian Carnival – January 2014 – Happy New Year

Building relationships

The Christian Carnival started out as a way for me to build my own readership. I have discovered that it does more than connect me to readers – it makes me one. I get the opportunity to meet new bloggers, to visit their sites and to connect with writers that I might have otherwise missed.

This month, I learned, I was challenged and I laughed – what more could a girl want?

Christian Carnival for January 2014

What a great way to start this new year! Maurice Kande over at the DreamCatcher reminds us that today is the best day to change your life. How are you numbering your days?

We are no longer wading around in the shallow waters, but diving into the truth of the Deeper Waters. Nick Peters shares some thoughts on why he believes that Jesus was not worth talking about before he became the One that everyone knows of today.

Jennifer Vaughn-Estrada continues us down the path of deeper thoughts over at The Chic of Domesticity. Her touching recounting of the daughter of Jephthah had me wondering how I had overlooked this story all this time.

I love the picture of God finding me. I know that this is the true image, but Silas Eke helps to bring the story into focus over at Sermon Notes by Silas. Although it was meant as a reminder for Christmas, I see it as the perfect challenge for the New Year.

I also had a challenge for the New Year – or a post that could be made into a New Year challenge anyway. I shared my six tips for productivity and success over at The Proverbs 31 Life.

The best way to start and end a day, a year or even a moment is with a smile. Mark Myers offers a little smile and a lot of truth with his thoughts over at Life in Portsong. I happen to be from the South and I can attest to the fact that his thoughts are indisputable on these facts.

I hope you will have the chance to visit all of the blogs and to connect with the writers. If you are a Christian writer, then consider joining the Christian Carnival in 2014. I also would love to hear from you about this post or any of the posts on The Proverbs 31 Life.

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