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Clarity of Destination

Clarity of destination is necessary to get to where you want to go. You thought you knew where you were going, but the noise of the world does all it can to confuse your destination.

How the Noise of the World Confuses Your Destination

  • The world points you in a different way – because you have to go that way and not the way you were going. Your way is not the right way.
  • The world points out a better way – because the better way is the way THEY have defined. Your way just won’t do.
  • The world denies your destination – THEY just tell you that the destination you had in mind doesn’t exist.
  • The world doubts your travel strength – you can’t make it. You’ll fall down or give up because you are untrained, unprepared, or unworthy.
  • The world limits your travel – by setting boundaries, creating rules, and making demands.

The world makes a lot of noise, but when you understand your unique design and have a clarity of destination, you aren’t limited to the rules of the world.

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