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Why Work With Me?

In 2012, my mom passed away. As I sorted through her boxes of stuff, I found several that contained half-finished poems, paintings, and dreams. She had the heart of a creative but spent her life boxed up in an office working with numbers. My mom had died with her dreams in a box.

I didn’t want that to happen to anyone ever again – and I didn’t want my children to be going through boxes years down the road and find my dreams packed away.

Pursuing my dreams became a priority, and with the birth of the WhiteBoard of World Domination, I found my way and discovered that with a little tweaking, it was a plan that could easily work for your journey.

It is simple – once we pull away all of the stuff that’s been piled up on us.

It is easy – because it is you – your focus, your purpose, your way.

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Making the Plan for Your Best Life

Your World Domination

Define your BIG DREAM goals, break those goals into little bits in four areas to keep your balance and focus to reach your goals.

something changes

Jump Start

Get personalized guidance and weekly coaching to understand your struggles and to focus a path to breakthrough.

New Habit

Accelerate your best life by developing the new habits that will you there. Thirty days will set a solid foundation for success.

New Normal

It takes six weeks to expand a habit into a new way of living. Learn more about how to make your best life your normal way.

New Foundation

Use 90 days to move boldly into your unique design with personalized challenges focused on your way and timeline.


Resilience training to overcome stress, develop focus, and create a solid foundation of purpose living to enhance the community.

Your Best Life Comes from Your Uniqueness

You are unique. Sometimes it may feel like you are just one of a million instead of one in a million. Sometimes it may seem like the dreams you have are more of a mirage. Sometimes it may become tough to take another step.

Encouragement helps you move even when you don’t want to.

bold purpose leads to your best life

Jump Start – Personalized Coaching

Take the first step to live your best life. Use the Jump start to refocus your path or to gain insight into the path you want to take. First, you’ll receive two challenges based on our initial consultation, then you’ll receive daily emails over ten days with focus tips and encouragement. At the same time, you’ll have access to the Jump Start Online lessons to help you understand your current holdups and blockades and then plan a path around them. In addition, you’ll have two one-on-one calls or Zoom meetups, spread out over the two weeks, to talk through any issues or breakthroughs; two follow-up challenges based on meetups.

This coaching package provides you with:

  • 10 email lessons to prompt ideas and focus
  • 2 – 30-minute phone consultations
  • 2 – challenges based on consultations
  • 2 – following the challenge results

Kathryn Lang sharing Snarky Rainbows at WordCamp Birmingham

Steve says: “Kathryn is an accelerant. She manages to see the potential in the given circumstances and ignites it into a blaze of inspiration that continues to burn long after she is gone.”

Sometimes we all need a little support to keep on keeping on.

Get Started Now

Use the free download below to begin finding the time you need to get more done.

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How You Begin to Craft Your Best Life

Is chaos in control of your world? Are you caught in the hamster wheel of life – going at full speed but only spinning the wheel until you stumble and the wheel is spinning you? Do you want to get it all done, but you aren’t even sure what might be involved in your all to start with? Enter the White Board of World Domination – the system used to solidify your BIG DREAMS and then break those dreams down into bite-sized pieces that will allow you to stay balanced and focused.

New Habit

Take the next step into building your best life. You can create the habits and take the steps unique for this season in your journey that will change from where you are to where you want to be. The habits you form today will determine the possibilities that grow up in your tomorrow. Let’s build up a world of possibilities for living your best life.

This coaching package provides you with:

  • 6 – 25-minute phone consultations (one per week)
  • 6 – follow up emails (to include a personalized challenge)
  • 6 – review emails in response to challenge answers and in preparation for the call
  • 1 hardback mini Focus Folder or full-sized Focus Folder

Move forward today for $2,400.00

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Testimonials for Finding Your Best Life

From Denise Oatley Hall

Ready for Personalized Coaching to Live Your Best Life?

New Normal

Dig deeper into your unique design to create a wonderfully power plan of authenticity and intensionality. Create a focus for your life. Dig down to the unique you created in the beginning. Learn why you are here at this moment. Discover what you can do with that understanding. Develop a plan for how you can begin moving toward your success. Map out the path for taking your steps.

This coaching package provides you with:

  • 8 – 35-minute phone consultations
  • 8 – follow up emails (to include a personalized challenge)
  • 8 – review emails in response to challenge answers and in preparation for the call
  • 8 – weekly audio inspirational messages
  • 1 hardback mini Focus Folder or full-sized 8×10 Focus Folder

Step out now for $4,800.00

Malhenzi says: “Kathryn reminds me to never lose hope and that with support and inspiration it is possible to bring dreams to life.”

I want to encourage you on this journey to your unique design.

Taking the next step

I am here to help you.

Contact me today or sign up for a personal coaching package below.

Jordan says: “Kathryn helped me understand that I am the only one standing in the way of my dreams.”

It is not complicated – we just put a lot of time and effort into making it that way. Once we begin to pull back the layers of expectations, education, society, and fears then we can see the unique seed, planted, and then begin to grow up that seed into endless possibilities.

New Foundation

Set your cornerstone of purpose. Pour a cement barrier of focus. Develop the steel rods of determination. Over these 12 weeks – 90 days – we will set down the “line upon line, and precept upon precept” that will move you forward in your unique purpose and towards your desired success.

This coaching package provides you with:

  • 12 – 35-minute phone consultations
  • 12 – follow up emails (to include a personalized challenge)
  • 12 – review emails in response to challenge answers and in preparation for the call
  • 3 – 50 minute review sessions (one at the end of each quarter)
  • 12 – weekly audio inspirational messages
  • 1 Hardback Mini Focus Folder or regular-sized folder (to include refill papers at each quarter mark)

Launch today for $8,900.00

Nicole says: “Kathryn drills down and focuses in on that amazing and unique gift inside you.”

Kathryn helped me create positive habits that I use on a daily basis. She was a friend and counselor through the process, and I grew while completing her challenges. I’m so grateful for her help in forming new habits! – Natalie Cone

Sometimes we need more – more focus, more encouragement, and more support to uncover the uniqueness that lies within.

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Kathryn Lang sharing More Snarky Rainbows at WordCamp Birmingham

Group/Corporate/School Resilience Training

Resilience training provides the tools we need to cope with the twists and turns of life and to develop a pathway for recovering from adversity or stress. It makes it possible to bounce back from the challenges we encounter. Resilience is a key element to overall well-being.

  • The level of resilience is associated with the level of satisfaction, and the level of satisfaction is proportionate to the happiness, commitment, and engagement individuals feel within the group/workplace/organization.
  • The higher the stress level, the more resilience is necessary to balance the conditions. Stressful situations lead to negative physical and mental well-being.
  • Personal depression costs American businesses $210 billion in medical bills and lost productivity. Resilience fuels the ability to engage positive focus, which combats depression.
  • Salary and Benefits: One commonly used estimate is that the cost of replacing an employee can range from 30% to 150% of their annual salary. This wide range takes into account various factors such as job level, skill set, and industry. For higher-level or specialized positions, the cost tends to be higher.
  • Recruitment and Hiring: According to studies, recruitment and hiring costs can range from 20% to 30% of an employee’s annual salary. This includes expenses related to advertising, agency fees, background checks, and interview processes.

Whether it’s a need for more focus or a path to de-stress, there are steps to take to set a firm foundation for resilience in your organization.