Commit to Change

My Saturdays waste away – untapped of their potential. The world seems to slow down and I oblige without hesitation. I spend most of the time curled up in front of the television watching a lot of nothing when football season is not underway.

This past Wednesday, I had the chance to talk with someone about where I am in my path to success and where I want to be. He and I both agreed that I understand the way to get to where I want to go, and I have the abilities that will get me there, so the only reason I am NOT there is me.

I committed to change at that moment. I confessed that although I knew what to do that I was not doing that and I gave my pledge to just do it for the next week. On Saturday, I sat alone and was determined to live up to that commitment and pledge.

Doing what I know to do can be easier than I imagined. I tucked myself up in the corner of our land, hosting a yard sale that only I attended. The quiet and solitude gave me plenty of time to focus on writing.

I realized on Wednesday that to be productive on a consistent basis, I have to make a note of what I am doing on those days when I am most productive. Finding a path to action will allow me to do away with the wasted Saturdays and the wasted time in general.

Find the Peak Production Time for Writing

    1. No interruptions – hiding up away from the kids, the phone and the television meant I had plenty of peace and quiet. I may be able to work in the chaos, but I am most productive when I have the chance to get off, away from the comings and goings of the boys.

    2. Give away responsibility – away from the kids, I am not responsible for what they are (or are not) doing. Dad handles the meals, the naps and anything else that comes along. When I am around, it all defaults back to mom. My four year old will walk past his dad, past his older brother and through four rooms to get me to come fix him something to drink – with is other brother standing next to the refrigerator. I know that I am more productive when I do not feel like I have to do it all.

    3. Find a calming atmosphere – white noise pours peace all over my spirit. I love the sound of the running water in the stream, the rain on the roof, or the birds and the wind in the trees. The trailer where I hosted the shopperless yard sale sits next to the highway. The occasional car rushing past had the same soothing vibe. I can hone in on my thoughts when I am surrounded by the peace of white noise.

    4. Start fresh. I get more accomplished before lunch than I do the rest of the day – no matter how long the rest of the day might last. I spent years avoiding the dawn, unless the night was still going AT dawn. Having kids made getting up early a requirement. I am focused and excited through the early hours of the day and find that times gives me the greatest productivity.

It helps to understand what makes being productive easier, but that is not the end. It all comes back to my choice. I must choose to take the right actions to get the desired results. When the right results are not present then I have to turn around, take new actions and choose the change that will begin to reveal the desired results.

When do you find that you are most productive, and what will you do to make a change and allow those actions to become a consistent part of your day?

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